Advisory Board

Allen, Doug, Chef/ Baker instructor, Jeff State, Birmingham

Browser, Larry, General Manager Marriott, Hotel Florence

Briand, Cynthia, ECM Hospital, Florence

Brown, Judy, State Educator Specialist, Alabama State dept of Education

Campbell, Linda, General Manager, Holiday Inn Shoals

Campbell, Sherry, Owner/ director, Shoals Culinary

Carter, Marsha, Teacher, Florence High School

Cole, John, Trustee member/rest owner, Florence (Bunyan’s)

Congleton, James, Supv. Health Inspector, Florence

Glover, Ashley

Gudmundson, Einar, Chef/F & B manager, Marriott hotel, Florence

Irons, Bobby, Mayor, Florence

Lewis, Harold, President, advisory board/owner of Hobart store, Florence

Villa, Chris, Chef/ Instructor, Wallace State, Hanceville

Monteiro, Prema, Chef/ Instructor, Drake College, Huntsville