President's Diversity Award


These awards honor individuals (e.g., faculty, staff, students, student organizations) that have made exceptional contributions to enhancing and supporting diversity and inclusion within the University of North Alabama community. The awards are intended to recognize individuals and organizations that honor diversity and inclusion by embracing different backgrounds and perspectives, expanding knowledge, and fostering an environment with respect for all.

Please click here to fill out the President's Diversity Award form.

Areas of Achievement:

Nominations should be based on demonstrated leadership in one or more of the following areas:

  • Activities to attract, recruit, retain, and professionally develop individuals who increase the diversity of staff and faculty
  • Activities to attract and recruit students who increase the diversity of our colleges or help ensure the success of those students
  • Activities to create leadership teams, organizations, or affinity groups that promote a diverse and inclusive culture
  • Sponsorship or active promotion of programs, initiatives, or projects in the area of diversity and inclusion
  • Collaboration with campus or community groups in the creation, sponsorship, and implementation of programs, initiatives, or projects in the areas of diversity and inclusion
  • Development of curricular and/or research projects that focus on peoples’ identities, origins, and cultures with the United States and globally that enrich students’ educational experiences
  • Recognition and celebration of exemplary individual and team behaviors that promote diversity and inclusion


The President’s Diversity Awards Committee will choose two award recipients per year. Award recipients will receive $500.

  • Faculty award recipients will receive the award in the form of a professional development grant
  • Student award recipients will receive a diversity scholarship.
  • Academic, non-academic departments/units, student organization, or program will receive the award to support the budget of the winner’s choice.
  • Award recipients will be recognized at the Annual University Gala Awards Banquet.
  • Award recipients will have their names added to an awards plaque, which is located in the GUC 2nd Floor.

Who May Nominate:

Any member of the University of North Alabama campus community (student, faculty, or staff) may nominate an individual, student organization, or office.

Who is Eligible?

  • Full-time faculty (tenured/tenure track or full-time instructors)
  • Full-time staff (regular employees)
  • Full-time undergraduate or graduate student
  • Registered student organization
  • Academic or non-academic office or unit

How to Nominate:

  • Complete the President’s Diversity Award form. The nomination statement must include the following:
    • Name and email address of nominee and nominator
    • The category for the nomination (e.g., faculty, staff, students, student organizations)
    • Explicitly address the significance, innovation, and impact (see Selection Criteria)
    • Minimum 500 words no more than 750 words for consideration
    • Additional supporting materials may be included as appendices
  • Letter(s) of support and any additional supporting materials. For academic/non-academic department/unit nominations, letters of support must be provided by individuals outside of the direct unit.
  • If nominating a student organization or office, please include ALL team members’ names, position/titles, and their contact information in the nomination/supporting statement.

Selection Criteria:

Significance: How has the nominee(s) demonstrated superior leadership and commitment to the enhancement, development, and sustainability of diversity and inclusive excellence?

Innovation: How has the nominee(s) contribution uniquely addressed key issues of diversity and inclusion throughout the UNA community? How is this contribution different from existing activities and projects that address diversity and inclusion?

Impact: What have been the measurable outcomes? Has this project/program/activity been replicated at other institutions? How has this project/program/activity “moved the needle” in addressing issues of diversity and inclusion throughout the UNA community?

Selection Process: Nominations will be reviewed by the President’s Diversity Awards Committee. Content of nominations may be used for future award promotion. Committee members will be nominated from the Student Government Association, Faculty and Staff Senates, Multicultural Advisory Committee, and Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Members of the selection committee will not be eligible to receive awards.

Important Dates & Deadlines

  • Nominations open on Wednesday, January 3, 2024. Deadline to submit nominations and all supporting documents is Friday, February 16, 2024.
  • Questions? Contact Chief Diversity Officer Minnette Ellis at or 256.765.4698.
Please click here to fill out the President's Diversity Award form.