Meet Current Fellows

Meet Current Fellowship Recipients

Jacquelyn "Jackie" Allen - Lecturer, Health Promotion

Jackie Allen

Jacquelyn “Jackie” is a two-time graduate of UNA receiving a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance with concentration in Wellness and Health Promotion May 2018 and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management December 1990. Jackie began her career in Human Resources with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama. She pursued a career change in 2017 to delve deeper into the wellness field which is what she is most passionate about. After receiving her Master’s degree, Jackie received a position in the President’s Diversity Faculty Fellows program as a Visiting Instructor August 2018. Jackie was promoted to her current position, Director of Wellness and Health Promotion/Lecturer Kinesiology August 2019. Jackie was granted the opportunity to start a wellness program for faculty and staff at UNA which is one of her greatest accomplishments.

Jackie is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, member of ASAPHERD, SHRM local and national, and WELCOA. She is most passionate about health and wellness topics and speaks at various engagements to promote wellbeing. Jackie is a native of Florence, and enjoys walking, reading, traveling, and decorating.

Shinika Byrd - Lecturer, Management 

Shinika Byrd

Shinika Byrd is currently a doctoral candidate at Georgia State University and expects to graduate in 2022. Byrd earned her Executive Masters in Business Administration from the University of North Alabama in 2015. She currently serves as Lecturer of Management in the College of Business at UNA. Additionally, Byrd performs in many facets for CQI Insulation and Sprayfoam LLC, a family-owned business located in Tuscumbia, Alabama, founded by Byrd and her husband in 2002.

Byrd’s doctoral research concept focuses on Organizational Behavior. Her area of interest balances an interdisciplinary inquiry into issues that are broadly related to the functioning of individuals and groups and how they are affected by organizational context. Byrd primarily draws from psychological approaches to social science questions which include topics such as Negotiation and bargaining, Decision-making, Emotional Intelligence (EI), Leadership, and Power, status, and influence.

Byrd has been a long-time mentor in the community and has participated in charitable organizations for many years, as well as serving on numerous local professional boards. Byrd is a Mississippi native who currently resides in North Alabama. Byrd enjoys gardening, reading, spending time with family, and most importantly, raising her three beautiful children.