Training and Programs

To ensure that our constituents and community are valued, respected, and included, diversity and inclusion training allows UNA students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to increase their awareness and understanding intersectionality across all social categorizations such as race, class, and gender. Also, increase awareness and understanding across cultural issues by sharing open constructive dialogue about implicit bias, cultures, cultural competence, microaggressions, diversity and inclusion.


Diversity and Inclusion Awareness, Education, and Training for faculty and staff once a month


Students, Faculty, Staff may also request diversity and inclusion training for their units, affinity groups, organizations, and other.


Diversity and Inclusion Education for Community Partners and other non-UNA Groups


Required Training (Training for All new UNA faculty, staff, students, and administrators)


Required Training (Diversity and Inclusion training for all hiring committees for any position on campus including: UNA faculty, staff, students, and administrators)


Get Inclusive

Link to Get Inclusive (

Get Inclusive is an online prevention and compliance training designed for higher education.  The content and training are innovative and designed for a diverse and ever-changing student, faculty, and staff experience in higher education.

The University of North Alabama believe all students, faculty, and staff deserve a happy, healthy, engaged, and inclusive campus community. 

All Incoming Freshmen & First Year Transfer Students are required to successfully pass and complete Get Inclusive Voices for Change.

All Employees are required to successfully complete training upon hire and annual thereafter.