General Distance Learning Policies

1. Distance Learning classes offered at the University of North Alabama will be courses produced by UNA faculty, or will be professionally produced programs licensed through the Public Broadcasting System, Adult Learning Services or some other professional organization/agency and facilitated by faculty at UNA. 

2. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the appropriate faculty member(s), department head(s), and dean(s), has final authority in deciding the courses to be included in the Distance Learning Program. 

3. The Distance Learning Program will be evaluated every semester to assess the view of students regarding the quality of the programming and the quality of instruction. 

4. Faculty teaching in the Distance Learning Program will be surveyed periodically to assess their perceptions of the program. 

5. Faculty wishing to develop a Distance Learning course will complete necessary paperwork (form available from Office of Vice President for Academic Affairs) and submit to department chair, who will approve and submit the form to the college dean. Upon approval by the college dean, the form will be held in the dean’s office until the course development has been completed according to established policy. The department chair and dean will then sign the form approving payment ($1800 for course development) and the form will be submitted to the VPAA for processing. 

6. Distance Learning courses which involve the performance and display of audiovisual and other copyrighted works must adhere to the Educational Fair Use Guidelines for Distance Learning. (Copies of the guidelines are available through Educational Technology Services.) 

7. Faculty developing Distance Learning courses will have first priority in teaching the courses through the Distance Learning Program whenever possible. 

8. Faculty members should consult the UNA Faculty Handbook for questions concerning the University’s copyright and patent issues. 

9. In addition to developing the course, the faculty member will participate as necessary in training sessions (in person, online, or a combination of the two) regarding using electronic media, promoting student interaction in Distance Learning, and managing situations unique to the delivery of Distance Education. 

10. Distance Learning courses must maintain sufficient enrollment to be taught and are subject to the same course deletion policies as are all courses offered by the university. 

11. Priority for teaching Distance Learning courses will be given to full-time faculty whenever possible. 

12. To ensure that online classes meet the same rigorous standards of on campus classes, and to provide continuity of content organization for all online classes, faculty are encouraged to complete the Online Course Checklist each semester prior to offering a course online. 

13. If the decision is made to discontinue a particular distance learning course, all content in the various formats is to be erased or otherwise destroyed. 

14. All Distance Learning courses will be conducted in accordance with the established policies and procedures of the University of North Alabama. Please refer to the current copy of the University of North Alabama Catalog and the Faculty Handbook for specific information regarding these policies. 

(Approved by the Distance Learning Advisory Committee 12/10/2010)

Electronic Campus

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NC-SARA LogoUNA has been approved by Alabama to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements. NC-SARA is a voluntary, regional approach to state oversight of postsecondary distance education.