Diversity Student Ambassador Program

The Diversity Student Ambassador (DSA) Program is designed to create opportunities for students to actively engage in activities to advance diversity and inclusion at UNA.  The program provides avenues for selected students to facilitate discussions, provide peer diversity training and host diversity related programming.  DSA activities seek to promote understanding and respect among all students, leading to a more inclusive campus. 

2014-2015 Diversity Student Ambassadors
*(Left to Right)

Row 1: Ixtzel Bello, Jamese Patrick, Ruby Villalobos
Row 2: Christian Myers, Yogyata Batra
Row 3: Kamisha Garner, Sumeet Kapoor, Caitlin Woodruff
Row 4: Briana Jordan, Deondrick Orr
Not Pictured: James Carr


President - Briana Jordan
Vice President - Ruby Villalobos
Secretary - Deondrick Orr
Treasurer - Kamisha Garner