President's Message

The University of North Alabama has chosen "To Promote and Celebrate Diversity" as one of five aspirations to which we commit ourselves for the long term. In so doing we have implicitly recognized that our campus must constantly change as we prepare students President Cale for the future, that progress is sometimes made in a day and sometimes over months and years. UNA chooses to embrace within its campus culture those values and experiences that enrich human understanding. We choose to be a campus where civil discourse triumphs over ignorance. We choose to be a campus that prepares our students for participation in a world that may transcend geographic borders but not the unique identity of each individual. We believe that creating and sustaining a diverse University community serves our educational mission, our values, and our purpose.

It is all too obvious that creating such a University community is not so simple as placing words on a page. But that is where we must begin, by documenting our thoughtful consideration of the ways in which we believe we can promote diversity on our campus. This document is our starting place, our plan. This plan takes life through our actions, through an equally thoughtful implementation strategy.

I look forward with great anticipation to working with the University community as we initiate this plan. We should look toward the future with optimism and with a sense of commitment to the success of our graduates through the learning environment we build for them.

William G. Cale, Jr.
September, 2008