UNA Diversity Award Recipients

 2014 Administrator Diversity Award
(L to R) Dr. William G. Cale, President
presented by Dr. Thomas Calhoun
 2014 Department Diversity Award
Dept. of History and Political Science
Dr. Chris Maynard, Dept. Chair
(L to R) Dr. Jeff Bibbee, Dr. Chris Maynard, President Cale, Sarah Franklin
 2014 Department Diversity Award
Dept. of Communications
Dr. Gregory Pitts, Chair
(L to R) Dr. Gregory Pitts, President Cale, Ms. Jeanne Baughman
 2014 Student Organization Diversity Award
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Ine.
(L to R) DeJhan Holland, President Cale
Diversity Award
2013 Faculty and Student Diversity Award
Dr. Tera Kirkman, Faculty
Meggin Major, Student
diversity 12
2012 Department Diversity Award
Dr. David M. McCullough, Music and Theatre Dept. Chair
presented by President Cale (left)
Dr. Lelon Davidson, Faculty, college of education and human sciences.
2012 Diversity Award
Dr. Lelon Davidson, Faculty
College of Education and Human Sciences
Allison Ray
2012 Student Diversity Award
Allison Ray 
Yizhuo Wang
2011 Student Diversity Award  
Yizhuo Wang
Dr Ernestine Davis
 2011 Faculty Diversity Award
Dr. Ernestine Davis (right)
presented by Mrs. Joan Williams (left),
President of BFSA and Assistant Director of ODIE


















Diversity Award Criteria