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Dean's Office

Dr. Katie Kinney, Professor, Interim Dean
(ph) 256.765.4623
(e) kckinney@una.edu
Dr. Katie Kinney

Dr. Beth Sewell, Associate Dean
(ph) 256.765.4578
(e) bsewell@una.edu

Ms. Jennifer Murray, Coordinator of Graduate Enrollment and Support
(ph) 256.765.4718
(e) jmurray3@una.edu

Educator Preparation

Ms. Christy Waters, Director of Clinical Experiences
(ph) 256.765.4482
(e) ccwaters@una.edu

Ms. Betty Phillips, Director of Teacher Certification
(ph) 256.765.4860
(e) bphillips5@una.edu

Elementary Education

Ms. Lindsey Goode, Administrative Assistant                                
(ph) 256.765.4251
(e) lgoode1@una.edu
Dr. Trudy Abel, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5610
(e) tabel@una.edu
Dr. Linda Armstrong, Professor, Interim Chair
(ph) 256.765.4230
(e) ljarmstrong@una.edu
Dr. Linda Armstron

Mrs. Madonna Choat, Instructor
(ph) 256.765.4728
(e) mechoat@una.edu

Mrs. Madonna Choat
Dr. Lisa Clayton, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4732
(e) lhclayton@una.edu
Dr. Lisa Clayton
Dr. Lorie Johnson, Assistant Professor
(ph) 256.765.4723
(e) ljohnson15@una.edu
Dr. Lorie Johnson

Dr. Natalia Kouraeva, Visiting Assistant Professor
(e) nkouraeva@una.edu

Dr. Robert Young, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4327
(e) rdyoung@una.edu
Dr. Robert Young

Secondary Education

Ms. Alicia Brooks, Administrative Assistant                                                   
(ph) 256-765.4575
(e) abrooks5@una.edu
Dr. Leah Whitten, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4686
(e) lswhitten@una.edu
Dr. Leah Whitten
Dr. Joy Brown, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4837
(e) jmbrown@una.edu
Joy Brown

Dr. Matthew Campbell, Assistant Professor

(ph) 256.765.4253

(e) mcampbell6@una.edu

Dr. Jeff Cornelius, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4619
(e) jdcornelius@una.edu

Dr. Cornelius

Dr. Felecia Harris, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4309
(e) fyharris@una.edu


Dr. Lamont Maddox, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5187
(e) lmaddox@una.edu

Lamont Maddox
Dr. Jessica Mitchell, Assistant Professor, Interim Department Chair
(ph) 256.765.5212
(e) jmitchell12@una.edu
Jessica Mitchell

Dr. Gary Padgett, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.5842
(e) gpadgett@una.edu

Gary Padgett
Dr. Beth Sewell, Professor, Associate Dean
(ph) 256.765.4578
(e) bsewell@una.edu

Counselor Education

Ms. Martha Frances Graham, Administrative Assistant
(ph) 256.765.4763
(e) mgraham2@una.edu
Dr. Quinn Pearson, Professor, Chair
(ph) 256.765.4643
(e) qmpearson@una.edu
Quinn Pearson
Dr. Sandra Loew, Professor                                                  
(ph) 256.765.4912
(e) saloew@una.edu
Sandra Loew
Dr. Karen Townsend, Professor
(ph) 256.765.5091
(e) kmtownsend@una.edu
Karen Townsend

Health, Physical Education, & Recreation

Ms. Janet Jones, Senior Administrative Assistant
(ph) 256.765.4377
(e) jmjones3@una.edu
Dr. Matt Green, Professor, Interim Chair
(ph) 256.765.4554
(e) jmgreen@una.edu
Matt Green
Dr. Tom Coates, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4378
(e) tecoates@una.edu
Tom Coates
Dr. Mike Hall, Professor
(ph) 256.765.4205
(e) mdhall@una.edu
Mike Hall
Mr. Johnny Long, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4552
(e) jolong@una.edu
Johnny Long
Dr. Joyce McIntosh, Visiting Professor
(ph) 256.765.4553
(e) jrmcintosh@una.edu
Joyce McIntosh
Dr. Eric O'Neal, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4555
(e) eoneal1@una.edu
Eric O'Neal
Dr. Lee Renfroe, Associate Professor
(ph) 256.765.4558
(e) lrenfroe@una.edu
Lee Renfroe
Ms. Kathy Underwood, Assistant Professor
(ph) 256.765.4551
(e) kmprice@una.edu