Collaborative Education Program

The Collaborative Special Education program prepares undergraduate and graduate students to work in general and special education settings with children and young adults who have varying ranges of exceptionalities. Our students attend courses together, work on numerous collaborative assignments, host activities, and complete field experiences within their courses in local classrooms.  Students are actively engaged in the surrounding schools and communities to assist in providing additional support and resources to individuals with exceptionalities. Our goal is to ensure that UNA provides high-quality experiences that will best prepare students for life in the classroom.

The Collaborative Education Service Organization exists to perform community service and advocate for students with disabilities locally and throughout the state.

Spring Calendar

Roar Program
Lion Buddies
  • In January 2018, Lion Buddies was created to provide individuals with intellectual disabilities between the ages of 18-29 the opportunity to be included in our campus community. The participants of this program are not currently being served by programs such as Arc of the Shoals or the Conner Center in our area. The Lion Buddies, a registered student organization, helps our participants form meaningful friendships with their peers, improves their communication skills, promotes self-advocacy, and assists in feeling valued by society.
  • Application forms - Please contact Dr. Hopkins at to inquire about being a Lion Buddy.

High School Transition Program

  • The high school transition program is currently in the planning phases. It will serve students with intellectual disabilities in our area who are currently being served under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) while they are enrolled in public education. This program is designed to allow students ages 18-21 to follow their transition plan outlined by the school district at the university while interacting with peers of similar age. Students will engage in employment internships, job training, independent living courses, and community participation while enrolled in the program. The job training and internships that the students will participate in are authentic and completed at specially-selected job sites on campus and within the community. Students will be allowed the opportunity to work at several different job sites which will assist in making informed decisions upon completion of the program.The Independent Living courses are provided to students to develop and acquire the necessary skills to live and work independently. Students will receive daily living instruction in areas such as financial planning, scheduling, shopping, cooking, self-advocacy, daily attire, personal hygiene, and self-calming techniques.

Post-Secondary Program

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Undergraduate Program

Graduate Programs