Identification Cards

All employees of the University are issued a photo-I.D. card (Mane Card.)  This card serves as the University’s official identification card, library card, and personal debit card that can be used on campus and at various off campus locations.  The card may also grant door access to the building/rooms that the employee is authorized to enter.  To obtain the card, all employees should go to the Mane Card Office located in the Guillot University Center, room 102A, and provide a form of legal photo identification such as a driver’s license, military I.D., passport, etc.  Employees will be asked to read and sign a Mane Card Agreement.  If the employee has been issued a Mane Card in the past, such as a student card, he/she will be asked to surrender the previously issued card prior to receiving a new card with the appropriate employee classification, such as faculty, staff or adjunct instructor.  Upon termination of employment, employees must return their I.D. cards to the Mane Card Office.