Matthew Duques, Ph.D.

Matt Duques

(256) 765-4298
UNA Box 5050
Willingham Hall 208
Associate Professor, English


Research & Teaching Fields:
Early American Literature and Culture to the Civil War; Literature and Architecture; Classical Reception; Native American Literature; Literary Theory

Haverford College B.A. 2002
Dartmouth College M.A.


Vanderbilt M.A. 2008
Vanderbilt Ph.D. 2013

Research, Teaching and Other Interests:


Classical Companion to Early American Literature (Brill 2020) co-edited with Maya Feile Tomes and Adam Goldwyn.


  •  ‘The Politics of Disaster in Lydia Maria Child’s Philothea: A Grecian Romance in Transatlantic Literature and Transitivity in the Nineteenth Century: Subjects, Texts, and Print Culture ed. Annika Bautz and Kathryn Gray (Routledge, 2017)
  • "Neoclassical Plague Romances" in Microgenre: A Quick Look at Small Culture (Bloomsbury, 2019)
  • "Animating Athens: Francis Wright and Lydia Maria Child's Hellenic Haunts" in Gendered Ecologies: New Materialist Interpretations of Women Writers in the Long Nineteenth Century (Oxford University Press, 2020)
  • "William Apess and the Athens of America" in Classical Companion to Early American Literature (Brill, 2020)

 In progress:

  • 'Broken Homes: Architecture, Antiquity, and the Liberal Imagination in Early American Literature' (manuscript)
  • 'Transnational Manhood: Euro-American Romanticism, Bildung Fiction, and Washington Irving's Tales of a Traveler' (manuscript) co-written with Diana Bellonby

Recent Courses Taught:

  • EN 221: American Literature to the Civil War
  • EN 463: Contemporary Global Literature
  • EN 601: Introduction to Grad Studies
  • EN 611: Special Topics in Early American Literature (grad) 
  • EN 614: Contemporary Native American Literature