Ms. Dianne Dodson

Dianne Dodson

UNA Box 5050
221 Willingham Hall
Instructor, English


Research & Teaching Fields:
Restoration and 18th Century British Literature, Young Adult Literature

University of Montevallo B.S. 1979
University of Alabama M.A. 1982
University of North Alabama M.A. 2001

Research, Teaching and Other Interests:

  • Mrs. Dodson's recent area of interest is young adult literature, especially current YA novels with themes of disability.  
  • Mrs. Dodson continues to support and promote study abroad in Ireland and Great Britain.
Courses taught: 
  • EN 111: First Year Composition I
  • EN 112: First Year Composition II
  • EN 121: Honors First Year Composition I
  • EN 122: Honors First Year Composition II
  • EN 211: Survey of English Literature I from Beowulf through Neoclassicism
  • EN 212: Survey of English Literature II from the Pre-Romantics to the present
  • EN 231: Literature of the World I
  • EN 232: Literature of the World II
  • EN 323: Literature for Young Adults