The Secrets of Stand-Up - Special Event


Jarrod Prestage

Jarrod Prestage performing.

Jarrod Prestage is a standup comedian in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa living in Muscle Shoals, al. He has been doing standup for just under a year and has visited stages in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Huntsville, and Columbus, but mainly does shows in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham. More recently he has put together and hosts a standup showcase at the end. theatre in Florence every few months called The End of Comedy. His style is a mixture of one liners and absurdist thoughts. That's what he's going for, at least. A one year comic doesn't really have a style, yet. He hopes to someday do this for a living and pay his parents back in Faberge eggs. He wrote this bio himself in 3rd person.



Olivia Cathcart

Olivia Cathcart with her dog. Olivia Cathcart is from Peachtree City, Georgia. She studied Telecommunications and Film at the University of Alabama. She currently lives in Tuscaloosa, and she does stand-up in Tuscaloosa and the Birmingham area.



Bo Guthrie

Bo Guthrie performing. I was born in Minnesota, but moved to Alabama as a kid. It's an alright place to be, but I'm looking to get out of here because I have a goal. You see, I never knew what I wanted to do in life until I stepped on that stage and then it became crystal clear.

I was supposed to be a lawyer. Like that joke? That's just a taste of the flavor of my comedy stylings.

Okay, I'm not really that asinine. I look forward to the possibility of coming and talking in Florence. I've been doing comedy for over two years and I'm excited about the prospect of sharing my experience.

I've performed all over. By all over I mean primarily the southeast; Georgia and Alabama mostly. For a period I lived in Atlanta, working as a comic, and that was incredible. I'm hoping my comedy finds an audience, because it's my dream to do this for a living.

Thanks for having me.

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