Angel 8.0 Manuals

Most Common Faculty ANGEL Questions

I'm having technical issues with Angel
This section covers questions and issues focusing on common tasks or questions encountered while teaching with ANGEL. If you are having technical issues you might want to check the FAQ at or email
How do I connect my course to the Learning Object Repository?
  1. Enter the LOR (Personal: Your Name)
  2. Select the Manage Tab
  3. Select Course and Group access
  4. Under Add Associations From: (Right Column), Click on My courses
  5. Select the courses that should be given access to the LOR (If the course you are trying to add is already checked, you might try deselecting it and the selecting it again).
  6. Click Add Selected
What if there is a course I’m not teaching listed in my Courses List (or someone else is listed as the instructor)?
    In the courses that aren't yours, go to
  1. Manage
  2. Roster
  3. Click delete in front of the appropriate name
  4. ·Follow the instructions on screen
  5. The courses won't be in your list on your next login.
Can I forward mail from ANGEL to an e-mail address?
  1. Login to ANGEL
  2. Under Course Mail, go to View Inbox
  3. Click Preferences in the upper right corner
  4. Change the Forward to Internet E-Mail field to the setting of your choice
  5. In the Email Address field, enter your email address
  6. Click Save at the bottom left
How do I cut and paste content in ANGEL? or paste from Microsoft Word?
You cannot right-click and cut/copy and paste in ANGEL. Instead, you must the following keyboard shortcuts:
  1. Cut: ctrl+x keys on a PC or command + x on a Mac
  2. Copy: ctrl+c keys on a PC or command + c on a Mac
  3. Paste: ctrl+v keys on a PC or command + v on a Mac
    Copy and paste from Microsoft Word (and keep formatting).
  1. Copy your text from MS Word
  2. In ANGEL, at the textbox area (Mail, Discussions, DropBox, etc.), click the triangle button between the Clipboard icon and the B (bold) icon--See screen capture.
  3. Select Paste from Word
  4. Follow the instructions "Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard (Ctrl+V) and hit OK."
  5. Click Ok
I’m creating items in ANGEL. How should I set tracking?

When creating items in ANGEL, please set the tracking to everyone or at least students. This allows you and support services to verify a student’s whereabouts in the event of a problem.

Example Settings:

Why can’t I see a course in my Courses List or why am I seeing courses from previous semesters?

Try this:

Angel Guides/Tutorials for Common Tasks

I want to use or have questions about Remote Proctor Now (RPNow).

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