IRS DRT Instructions

Steps for the IRS Data Retrieval Tool

IRS Data is Available:
  • after 1-2 weeks of electronically filing your federal taxes
  • after 6-8 weeks of filing a paper federal tax return
  • Please note: if the taxpayer still owes money for taxes to the IRS, the IRS data will be available ONLY after the balance has been paid.

After waiting the appropriate number of weeks from your tax filing date:

  1. Go

  2. Choose the correct FAFSA aid year

  3. Select “Make FAFSA Corrections”

  4. Select the “Financial Information” tab

  5. Mark “Already Completed” when asked about the status of your federal tax return

  6. In the parent and/or student section of the FAFSA Follow instructions and answer the questions regarding:

  • Married Filing Separately?

  • Head of Household? [a tax designation for some unmarried individuals]

  • Filed an amended tax return?

  • Filed a Puerto Rican or foreign tax return?

  • Filed taxes electronically in the last 3 weeks (or by mail in the last 8 weeks)?

7. If student/parent answer “No” to all of the questions above, you will be eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

8. Another log in for the IRS will appear

  • Use the official U.S. Postal Service address for the dwelling listed on your tax return.

  • ANY punctuation used in your name or address will create an online error. Replace the following with a space: ‘ , – . #

9. Choose to have 2015 IRS Data transferred into your 2016-2017 or 2017-2018 FAFSA.

10.Remember to sign and submit the FAFSA transaction after income data has been retrieved!