Adjunct Faculty


Graduate Students

Dr. David Brommer

David M. Brommer, PhD

Associate Professor

129B Wesleyan Hall


Climatology, climate change, nature and society interaction, environmental hazards

Jian Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor

112 Wesleyan Hall

GIS, big data analytics, environmental hazards, water resources, remote sensing
Dr. Lisa Keys-Mathews

Lisa Keys-Mathews, PhD, GISP

Professor and Director of Quality Enhancement Plan

111 Wesleyan Hall


Environmental hazards, disaster recovery, image processing, GIS, nature and society interaction
Dr. Francis T. Koti

Francis T. Koti, PhD, GISP

Professor and Chair

129C Wesleyan Hall


Regional development and planning, urban geography, GIS and society, Africa
Dr. Mario Mighty

Mario A. Mighty, PhD, GISP

Assistant Professor and Lab Coordinator

105 Wesleyan Hall


GIS, agriculture, sustainability, economic development, Caribbean geography, geospatial applications for developing countries
Dr. Michael J. Pretes

Michael Pretes, PhD

Professor and Graduate Coordinator

120 Wesleyan Hall


Economic development, geography of finance, political geography, cultural geography, tourism, National Parks, Australia, Pacific Islands, North America, Arctic
Dr. Sunhui Sim

Sunhui (Sunny) Sim, PhD, GISP

Associate Professor and Internship Coordinator

117 Wesleyan Hall


GIS, remote sensing, urban geography, geographic modeling, geographic visualization, East Asia

Dr. Bill Strong

William (Bill) R. Strong, PhD, GISP

Professor Emeritus

104 Wesleyan Hall


Cultural geography, cartography, geographic education, geographic thought, Middle East, Latin America

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Rae Atencio

Mr. Jose R. Atencio, III

Adjunct Faculty


Brad Baker

Mr. Brad Baker

Adjunct Faculty Geography
Robert Nall

Mr. Robert Nall

Adjunct Faculty Geography
Mrs. Tama Nunnelley

Mrs. Tama Nunnelley

Adjunct Faculty Geography
Amanda Oakley

Ms. Amanda Oakley

Adjunct Faculty Geography


Mrs. Marissa Gatlin

Mrs. Marissa Gatlin

Administrative Assistant

129A Wesleyan Hall

Graduate Students

Adam Benefield

Adam Benefield

(B.S. in GIS, University of North Alabama, 2017)

Haleyville, AL GIS, Environmental GIS
Sandor Dibble

Sandor Dibble

(B.S. in Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture, Mississippi State University, 2016)

Starkville, MS Climate change, wildlife distribution studies
Priscilla Lema

Priscilla Lema

(B.S. in Environment and Society, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2014)

Anchorage, AK GIS, Planning and Adaptation to Environmental Change and Hazards, Landscape, Arctic
Jackson Miller

Jackson Miller

(B.S. in GIS, University of North Alabama, 2014)

Elkmont, AL GIS
Jenna Miller

Jenna Miller

(B.S. in GIS, University of North Alabama, 2017)

Muscle Shoals, AL Geopolitics, Urban/City Planning, Remote Sensing using UAVs
Tucker Green

John Murphy

(B.S. in geography, University of North Alabama, 2014)

Rogersville, AL Military Science, GIS, GIS Programming
Steve Osera

Stephen Osero

(B.S. in Environmental Science, Kenyatta University , 2015)

Nyamira, Kenya Climate Change and Precision Agriculture, GIS, and Remote Sensing
Abbie Smith

Abigail Smith

(B.A. in Geography, Auburn University, 2017)

Muscle Shoals, AL Medical and Health Geography, GIS, Remote Sensing
Paul Williams

Paul Williams

(B.S. in psychology, University of North Alabama, 2007)

Bear Creek, AL GIS, Environmental GIS, Cultural Geography