Faculty Profile

Greg G. Gaston, PhD, GISP




  • Ph.D.  Oregon State University
  • M.S.  Oregon State University
  • B.S.  Wilmington College

Areas of Expertise

  • Physical Geography
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geomorphology
  • Climatology
  • GIS
  • Geography of North America
Dr. Gaston's research interests include patterns of severe weather, landscapes and landform development, impacts of climate change, and teaching in the field.

Selected Publications and Research Contributions

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  • Gaston G.G. and K.M, Mayes, “Carbon and Conservation Tillage” pp. 57-66 in Food and Famine in the 21st Century Vol. 1: Topics and Issues, W. Dando ed.  2012, ABC-CLIO, LLC Santa Barbara CA.
  • Gaston G.G.; “Use of Electrical Resistivity Imaging to Investigate Depth and Concentration of Subsurface Ice in a Suspected ‘Ice Cored’ Moraine” Canadian Journal of Pure and Applied Science 2008 Vol.2. No.2, 411-414.
  • Heyman O, Gaston G.G., Kimerling A.J., Campbell J.T.; “A Per-Segment Approach to Improving Aspen Mapping from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery” Journal of Forestry 2003 Vol. 101, No. 4, June 2003, 29-35.
  • Gaston G.G., S. Brown, M. Lorenzini and K.D. Singh;  "State and Change in Carbon Pools in the Forests of Tropical Africa", Global Change Biology 1998, 4, 97-114.  
  • Gaston, G.G., P.M. Bradley, T.S. Vinson and T.P. Kolchugina; "GVI Classification of Vegetation and Landcover Regions in the Former Soviet Union as Inputs for Forest Ecosystem Modeling", Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 1996, 63 - 1, 51-58.  
  • P. M. Bradley, G.G. Gaston, T. S. Vinson and T.P. Kolchugina  "Simulating Carbon Storage in Forests of Eastern Russia" , J. of Water, Air and Soil Pollution, 1995, 82, 1-2.  
  • Brown S. and G.G. Gaston, "Use of Forest Inventories and Geographic Information Systems to Estimate Biomass Density of Tropical Forests: Application to Tropical Africa", Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 1995, 38 - 2-3, 157-168.  
  • Gaston, G.G. and T.P. Kolchugina; "Estimates of Phytomass and Net Primary Productivity in Terrestrial Ecosystems of the Former Soviet Union Identified by Classified Global Vegetation Index", World Resource Review 1995, 7 - 4, 525-540.  
  • Gaston G.G., P.L. Jackson, T. S. Vinson, and T. P. Kolchugina; "Identification of Carbon Quantifiable Regions in the Former Soviet Union Using Unsupervised Classification of AVHRR Global Vegetation Index Images", International Journal of Remote Sensing 1994, 15 - 16, 3199-3222.  
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  • Gaston G.G., T.P. Kolchugina and T.S.Vinson; "Potential Effect of No-Till Management on Carbon in the Agricultural Soils of the Former Soviet Union", Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment 1993, 45, 295-309.


  • GE 102 - World Regional Geography
  • GE 112 - Principles of Physical Geography II:  Landscapes
  • GE 224 - Field Methods and Technology in Geography
  • GE 323 - Use and Interpretation of Aerial Photography
  • GE 330 - Meteorology
  • GE 331 - Climatology
  • GE 384 - Geographic Information Systems
  • GE 403 - Nature and Society Interactions
  • GE 435 - Geomorphology
  • GE 454 - Remote Sensing
  • GE 484 - Projects in Geographic Information Science

Graduate Students

  • Blake Staggs (Advisor)
  • Andy Miller '15 (Advisor)