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Materials are important to the research process for faculty and students.  The modern library acquires materials across formats, including electronic, print, and media.  Contrary to some popular thought, all materials are not available freely online.  Libraries purchase some materials and pay subscription or licensing fees for others.  Some materials, particularly academic journals, have ongoing costs that rise exponentially from year to year.  Due to the importance of these research materials, libraries are often faced with tough decisions such as canceling important subscriptions or not acquiring certain items that may be crucial to a faculty member’s research or a student’s future.  You can help us make sure that the subscriptions remain current and that the newest materials are available for research.

$50 - $150

  • Books or DVDs

$150 - $250

  • Books
  • Magazine subscription

$250 - $500

  • Journal subscription
  • Ebooks

$500 - $1,000

  • Partial funding of an electronic database or e-journal
  • Journal subscription

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