Message from the Assistant Vice Provost of International Affairs

Perhaps it is a sense of adventure that brought you here. It could be curiosity about other cultures. Maybe it is an unexplainable desire to see the world in different ways and to discover how you fit into it.

Whatever your reasons, the University of North Alabama can help you pursue your global goals. Education Abroad, Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), and globally-themed programs provide an opportunity to enrich your educational experiences, enhance your intercultural understanding, and expand your personal and professional horizons. 

I invite you to explore this site to learn more about UNA’s Global Learning initiative. Whether you are a current student considering interesting possibilities, a faculty or staff member seeking program support, or a prospective student wanting to know more about the international opportunities UNA offers, you can begin your journeys here. 

Roar Global Lions!

Dr. Butler Cain
Assistant Vice Provost for International Affairs
Director of Global Learning
University of North Alabama

image of Assistant Provost of International Affairs - Dr. Butler Cain