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Body Authentic

How much time do you spend comparing yourself to others? How do the media influence your body and appearance? Raises Awareness to the unrealistic messages about body image often learned through media outlets. Learn skills to increase body satisfaction and self-efficacy.  Time: 45 Minutes.

Condom Bingo

Bingo style program on all sexual health issues. Can be adapted for different audiences, such as all female, all male, or mixed groups. Win prizes, 30 mins.

Can you avoid the famous Freshman 15?

Ordering pizza at 3am? Eating lots of fast foods? Basic nutritional information on healthy snacking/eating and ways to stay active. Geared to freshmen, but helpful to all students. Time 30-45 mins.

Don’t Panic, Be Prepared!

Do you have what it takes to take care of yourself? Do you have first aid items on hand? Learn basic health promotion and illness prevention tips, and how to handle medical crisis, and basic first aid skills. Time: 45 mins.

Sex in the City

What is safe sex, really? This interactive workshop will cover all general sexual education concerns, contraception, and sexually transmitted disease information. Also, will have open question/answer session. Can be geared to any particular audience. Time: 45 min

Purple Haze

From Euphoria to coma….Alcohol facts, risks associated with drinking alcohol and the effects of binge drinking. Education on basic safety issues with alcohol. Time: 45 mins.

Hygiene Hi-jinks

Basic body hygiene and life skills presented in a nondiscriminatory humorous manner. How to avoid common skin infections and possible home treatments. Time: 30 mins.

Welcome to the Party

An interactive program with a short movie (party setting) on sexual assault produced by other college students. Teaching curriculum included on all sexual assault issues and prevention. Time: 60 mins.

Roaring with Stress

Can you identify what triggers stress? Can you cope with stress? What is the difference between being “Stressed out” and having anxiety? Learn to identify stressors and ways to manage stress. Time: 45 mins

What’s eating you?

Do you worry about what you do and do not eat? Do you feel guilty or worry after eating? This program addresses dieting, disordered eating, and distorted beliefs about food and nutrition. Learn ways to reduce unhealthy eating patterns. Time: 45 mins.