Bibb Graves Hall

bibb-graves hall

A four-storied "splendid fireproof" erected at a cost of over $200,000, Bibb Graves was dedicated on May 28, 1930. "In beauty, comfort, and adaptation to needs, it is equal of any building in the state," beamed College President Henry J. Willingham. It is "the best single unit of a college building in Alabama . . . in its appointments, workmanship, and material."

Willingham had every reason to be proud of Bibb Graves Hall. In addition to serving as the new administration building for the State Normal College at Florence, it provided a new home for the college library (until the construction of Collier Library in 1939), much needed classrooms, and a state-of-the art science lab. In the years to come it also housed in the basement the college post office, college bookstore, and a snack bar known as "The Little Drug."