Dan Burton, Ph.D.


(256) 765-4539
UNA Box 5019
Willingham Hall 213
Professor, History





Research & Teaching Fields:
Medieval History, Science & Technology, Philosophy of Science, Science & Religion, Rare Books & Manuscripts

Purdue University B.A 1981
Purdue University M.A. 1986
Indiana University M.L.S. 1986
Indiana University M.A. 1992
Indiana University Ph.D. 2000

Research, Teaching and Other Interests:

  • Burton recently co-authored, along with Dave Grandy, a book on the history of the occult and its relationship to science: Magic, Mystery and Science: The Occult in Western Civilization, published in Nov. 2003 by Indiana University Press. It now appears in a Turkish translation from Varlik Press (2006).
  • He is currently finishing a Latin edition and translation of the earliest complete text on Atmospheric Refraction by the acclaimed 14th century scientist, Nicole Oresme.
  • He has recently co-authored an article on Viking Age Anglo-Saxon England with fellow UNA professor Nancy Atkinson, "Harrowing the Houses of the Holy: Images of Violation in Wulfstan's Homilies," in The Year 1000: Religious and Social Response to the Turning of the First Millennium (New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2002).
  • His current work is on a highly popular medieval veterinary treatise by Jordanus Ruffus, Master of the Horse to Holy Roman Emperor Frederick the Second.

Courses Taught:

  • HI 101: World Civilization to 1500
  • HI 102: World Civilization since 1500
  • HI 340: Medieval Europe I, 476-11099
  • HI 341: Medieval Europe II, 1100-1500
  • HI 417/517:  History of Rome
  • HI 482/582: History of Science & Technology I
  • HI 483/583: History of Science & Technology II
  • HI 484/584: Philosophical Borderlands of Science and Religion