Leah Graham, Ph.D.

Leah Graham 

(256) 765-4916
UNA Box 5019
Willingham Hall 105
Assistant Professor, Political Science







Research & Teaching Fields:
IR Comparative

Drury University B.A 2001
University of Arkansas M.A. 2004
University of Missouri Ph.D. 2010


Research, Teaching and Other Interests:

  • Dr. Leah Graham’s research broadly assesses the core causes of violent political behaviors. Her early field research on Lebanon’s Hezbollah and other groups fueled her later dissertation on how political, economic and social context determine the changing methods of politics—either violent or non-violent—by sub-state actors. The analysis compared the experience of Hezbollah to the IRA, ETA, Hamas and others. Title: Studying Janus Behavior: How support, deterrence, grievances and organizational structure shape violent and peaceful behaviors (University of Missouri, 2010)
  • Professor Graham has published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution investigating the relationship between a state’s human rights record and its inclination toward international conflict.  And recently submitted work on the role that property rights regimes play in economic and political development.  She is also active in scholarly debates on political events in the modern Levant.
  • At UNA, Dr. Graham has taught American Government, Contemporary Issues, World Politics, Comparative Government, Politics of War, Foreign Policy, Model UN, Protest and Terrorism, and Origins of Economic Development.
  • Professor Graham is the faculty advisor for UNA’s model United Nations club that competes with other national and international universities every fall and spring.

 Courses Taught:

  • PS 241: US Government and Politics
  • PS 242: Contemporary Issues in US Politics
  • PS 302: Comparative Government and Politics
  • PS 303: World Politics
  • PS 315: Model United Nations