Community Standards


The Honors College at the University of North Alabama, in order to create an atmosphere conducive to academic and personal success, has established these expectations for all members of the Honors Community. 

Academic Integrity

· I will strive for academic excellence in accordance with program requirements and my own personal goals. · I will be honest in all my academic endeavors. · I will not lie, cheat, or steal from any other work, nor will I tolerate anyone who does. * · I will fulfill the expectations that accompany the program, including regular class attendance, participation in program events, and support of the intellectual development of others. 

Lifestyle, Well-being, and Citizenship

· I will seek out positive relations with peers, faculty, and staff, and respect all individuals, despite differences in personal belief, race, or background. · I will approach conflicts with respect for all parties. · I will encourage and support my classmates, peers, and fellow program members. · I will value the rights, dignity, and reputation of others. · I will work toward physical, mental, and emotional well-being by making informed decisions for myself and with respect to others. · I will respect private property, university policies, and all applicable laws. · I will strive to act with honesty at all times and contribute to a community based on trust.


· I affirm that any violation of these standards in my academic or personal life undermines the values of the Honors community at UNA and may be subject to administrative action. 

*Adapted from the USMA Honor code:

General Acknowledgement – Honor codes at the following institutions were consulted in the course of developing this document: the United States Military Academy, the University of Virginia, Duke University, Thunderbird School of Global Management, the Honors College of the University of Arizona, and the University of Maine Honors Program.

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