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A required component for successful completion of the Honors Program at UNA, the Honors Capstone Project places junior and senior level students in close consultation with a faculty director to develop a major project of their own design. The faculty director is ultimately responsible for the academic rigor of the project, its duration, and the amount of academic credit the student should receive. Students pursuing a Capstone Project should meet regularly with their faculty director. The Capstone Project is completed in an Independent Study or research course format. The project MUST be completed in a credit bearing course in the student's major. (For more information on how to set up the Capstone Project as a course, please see the Director.)

Because the Honors Program is comprehensive and includes students from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing, there is no single format that will characterize the Capstone Project. Certainly, some students (English and History for example) may wish to pursue a traditional thesis, though digital humanities projects, creative collections, and the editing of original documents may be appropriate. Students in education majors may develop curricula in their areas of emphasis. Students in business may create entrepreneurial plans. Students in the performing arts may present their work in public venues beyond the requirements of their major programs. Students in many different academic areas may develop multi media digital projects. These are only examples of types of projects that would conform to the requirement. The Honors Program follows the Council on Undergraduate Research definition of undergraduate research.

In each case, however, it will be the general expectation that the student completing a Capstone Project will produce a reflective written document of a length suitable to the project. The specific format for the reflective document should be negotiated with the faculty director.

All Capstone Project MUST satisfy the public presentation and digital component requirements.

The public presentation requirement may be satisfied by a presentation in a class format, conference presentation, or a specially arranged presentation on campus.

The digital requirement may be met in a number of ways including a research blog chronicling the project, a web site for the project as a whole, or a comprehensive digital presentation as a part of the public presentation.

Students must complete the Capstone Proposal form prior to beginning the Project.