Honors Students Speak

Natalie - Class of 2011

Joining the Honors Program was one of the most worthwhile decisions of my college career. Since I am from out of state and knew only one person at UNA when I entered as a freshmen, the students who lived in Lafayette and the other members of my class that I met on our trip to Memphis quickly became some of my first friends in Florence. Since then I have made many other lasting friendships through the Honors Program. The program has given me so many other opportunities as well. It has allowed me to meet and mingle with some of the top professors and administrators at UNA, it opened the door for me to do community service involving sanding the shells of giant tortoises, and it allowed me to conduct in-depth research on a subject very dear to my heart through my Capstone Project. The small classes provide unbeatable environments for development and learning. The Honors Program has allowed me to reach my full potential through scholastics, service, social activities, and networking. It has challenged me to never stop learning and has provided many outlets to do so. I know that I would not be the person I am today had I not come to UNA and had I not been a part of the Honors Program.

Honors Student
Caleb - Class of 2012

When I first joined the Honors Program and decided to live in the honors dorm, Lafayette, I was excited, although a bit apprehensive.  I was fearful that I was throwing myself into a situation where I would be consumed with tedious work and surrounded by antisocial, self-proclaimed geeks; I was VERY wrong!  The Honors Program is anything but that. They are some of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and I am so glad that I get to work with them everyday in my honors classes! Overall, I think being a part of the Honors Program is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful group of people!!!

Honors Student
Beth - Class of 2013

I absolutely love UNA and the Honors Program has benefited me so much. I have greatly appreciated everything I was able to be a part of and look forward to the opportunities next semester. Also, I appreciate being able to live in Lafayette. I cannot explain how much it has benefited me. I have become so much more involved because of the people in our dorm. I have also been able to work and study with the people I have classes with so much ease.

Honors Student
Meredith – Class of 2010

Out of all of the things that I am involved in, the Honors Program is definitely my favorite. I absolutely love living in the Honors residence hall, Lafayette, and having fun with all of my Honors friends on a daily basis. The Honors classes are small, so we are able to learn more "deeply" through discussion and activities. Our group trips are so much fun and I have always had such a great experience being around the other Honors students. It's just such a great atmosphere to be in; I feel like I have truly grown as an individual, with definite encouragement from the Program. I am so glad that I chose to be a part of it. It was one of the best decisions that I have made for my college experience!

Honors Student
Holly  – Class of 2009

Being a part of the UNA Honors Program has been one of my most memorable experiences as a UNA undergraduate. My Honors courses have helped me develop a deeper understanding of subjects, along with creating closer relationships with my professors. The Honors program provides students with a support system for success both academically and with our career goals. The Honors Program is more than just a group of students that you see in class, they become your family. I enjoy the challenges & the friendships—it’s an exciting undergraduate experience

Miracle - Class of 2015

I can confidently say that the UNA Honors Program was definitely what made me choose UNA. Not only is UNA a beautiful campus with faculty that care about their students, the Honors Program has a family-like atmosphere that becomes very apparent the day you step on campus. It was encouraging to be surrounded by others who desired what I desired out of college and wanted to be challenged academically just like me. Joining the UNA Honors Program promises a new family of students from a variety of backgrounds, challenging courses that make you feel accomplished to complete, as well as a good time! 

Honors Student
Carrie  – Class of 2015

To say that I was a little nervous to move to UNA was an understatement. The only thing I was certain of about college was that I wanted to be in the Honors Program so I could have a group of people in which I could surround myself. The minute I arrived on campus I was taken aback by the welcome that I received from these complete strangers. Within an hour, I was completely moved in and eating lunch with five girls from my floor. These girls have become closer than my family. I cannot put into words the difference that joining the Honors Program has made to me. It has been the best decision I have made about coming to college, and I am not exaggerating at all when I promise you that it will be a decision you will not regret.

Honors Student
Drew – Class of 2009

The two best decisions I have made concerning college are attending UNA and becoming a member of the UNA Honors Program. I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years in the Honors Program. I have met many of my best friends in the Honors Program and by living in Lafayette Residence Hall. The smaller class sizes have been an added benefit of the Honors Program, as well as having class with the same people for many Honors classes. I can’t imagine college without the Honors Program, and I would strongly encourage any prospective student to consider the UNA Honors Program.

Honors Student
Lacy – Class of 2010

The Honors Program is one of the main reasons I decided to come to the University of North Alabama.  The Honors Program allows you to take classes and interact with other students who have many of the same goals for their college experience as you might.  For me, these goals included academic success, service to the community, and interaction with students whose beliefs might be different than my own.  I have achieved these goals in my first year of the Honors Program because of the unlimited support I have received from my professors, our director, and my fellow program members.  Between the fantastic trips and on campus activities, experiences in the Honors Program will truly enrich your time spent at UNA.

Honors Student
Alesha - Class of 2011

Is it going to be too hard for me? Will I have any time for fun? These are just a couple of the concerns that run through every college freshman's mind (myself included). I was nervous about starting college, especially as a new member of the university's Honors Program. I excelled in my high school's honors classes, but something about the word "university" loomed over my head like the first time I heard the term "ACT." Despite my worries, I felt at ease after only one day at UNA; the classes didn't have a hundred faceless students like the movies do, and the professors definitely weren't condescending nor impersonal, as I feared they would be. Even though every Honors student was someone I was meeting for the first time, each of us had a common bond from the get-go. We were all nervous about this new adventure, hoping it would be the most fun time of our lives like our parents had said it would be, and it was this commonality that helped mold us into the tight group that we are today. We still argue and get on each other's nerves every once in a while, but that's life...learning from one another and growing from our experiences together.


Honors Student
Tamsen - Class of 2012

College is a brand new experience. It can be one of the best times of someone's life or the worst. When I first arrived, I began thinking "maybe college isn't for me" because I didn't know anyone. I am extremely glad I decided to join the Honors Program because it put me in a group in which I had to get to know new people. From these friendships stemmed new relationships on campus because I joined other organizations and became involved on and off of campus. I love my Lafayette family. Our RAs are the best in the world and they do honestly care about your feelings and the feelings of everyone else. I will never and can never forget the people I have met through being an Honors Program member. I am home, and UNA is where I am meant to be.

Honors Student
Amy – Class of 2010

The Honors Program at UNA has provided countless opportunities and advantages by offering a sense of belonging as well as the comfort of an extended family. The smaller class sizes and individual attention have continued to make a positive impression on my academic performance. Joining the Honors Program here at UNA was a decision I am so thankful for and privileged to have made. I feel it has prepared me for success in all my future endeavors and provided me with great experiences.