Honors Forum (HON 101H)

21 total hours of Honors courses (includes HON 101H - 1 credit hour)

Honors Senior Project (HON 499H - 0 credit hours)

Honors Professional Learning Experience (HON 498H - 0 credit hours) 

HON 499H SENIOR PROJECT (Research & Performance)

A required component for successful completion of OPTION 1, the Honors Senior Project places students in close consultation with a faculty advisor in their major or minor to develop a project of their own design. The Senior Project is completed in a credit bearing course in the student's major taken in tandem with the 0 credit hour HON 499 course. Planned correctly, the Senior Project should fulfill an elective in the major or can count as a general University elective.

The faculty advisor is ultimately responsible for approving the project, its duration and meeting schedule, and the amount of academic credit received.

The Senior Project should further student goals after graduation. If the goal is graduate school, the student should work on a project with a knowledgeable advisor that makes the student competitive for graduate admission and assistantships in the field. If the next step is entering the job market, the project should make the student more marketable and competitive in the chosen field. If the goal is to start a business, the project can be the business plan itself. Other ideas and possibilities are always welcome.

The people you will be competing with for graduate school assistantships and employment will have the same degree you have, so use the Senior Project to set yourself apart. Show initiative to develop and carry out a project that is your own! Solve a problem in your field. Be creative, learn, and have fun.

*More information and help on Senior Project can be found on Canvas.*


1. Think about some possible projects/topics that interest you. Ideally this project will help you get to where you want to go after UNA.

2. Talk with an advisor in your major about your project ideas.

3. Develop a plan with your advisor, e.g. how many semesters; what course will you take to complete the work; final products (written and digital), etc.

4. Register for the appropriate courses (HON 499 and a course in your major) in the semester in which you will FINISH your research. If project is longer than ONE semester, please see the Dean for approval.

5. UPLOAD the proposal form (on HON 499 Canvas Page) and the write up of your project to the HON 499 Canvas assignment. Proposal forms and documents should be uploaded in the FIRST week of classes (Canvas due date).

6. Complete your project with your advisor.

7. Fill out Project Completion Form AND attach required materials. Have your advisor sign. Upload to HON 499 Canvas course assignment.

Examples of Research & Performance:

- 3-6 hour major specific project (REQUIRED for OPTION 1)

- Research project in a course

- field experience project

- other projects that the student might suggest

- Independent research on a topic


The Honors College encourages all students to engage in some form of practical learning related to their major field while at UNA. These are generally a semester or a year long. This experience is required for the Honors College OPTION 1. YOU MUST register for HON 498 to record this experience.

These opportunities can be discovered through the UNA Career Center, Major Departments and Advisors, as well as conversations with the Honors Staff.


  • Internships
  • Clinicals
  • Practica
  • Student teaching
  • Co-op (cooperative learning experience)
  • Paid full or part-time employment
  • Extensive job shadowing
  • Career Workshops*
  • Etiquette training*

          *Acceptable for ePortfolio entries

Sample Past Experiences:

Federal Emergency Management, NASA, UNA Counseling Center, IFDC, Disney, North Alabama Medical Center, Helen Keller Hospital, Merrill Lynch, Billy Reid, Single Lock Records, Florence Animal Hospital, Alabama Chanin, Martin Industries, Riverbend, North American Lighting, and more.