Honors Forum (HON 101H)

21 total hours of Honors courses (includes HON 101H - 1 credit hour) 

2 year Honors Experiential Learning ePortfolio (HON 497H - 0 credit hour) 



We encourage all Honors students to keep an Honors ePortfolio whatever option you choose. A 2 year ePortfolio is required for OPTION 2. The  ePortfolio is an electronic catalog and resume of all your Honors and university experiences - i.e., a combination blog, scrapbook, and digital archive of your work and experiences. An ePortfolio is a real-time, readily shareable showcase of your skills and work.

Why should you create one?

- Job seeking tool: an eportfolio link can be shared with potential employers or grad school faculty to demonstrate your applied knowledge and skills. It will separate you from others seeking similar opportunities.

- Professional evaluation tool: an eportfolio can help you and others see what you have accomplished while at UNA.

- Reflection tool: Allows you to keep track of all your work and experiences in Research & Performance, Professional Learning Experiences, Civic Engagement & Service, and Experience with other Cultures to analyze these experiences and showcase your best work. An eportfolio can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, see how far you’ve come, and what more needs to be done to fulfill your professional goals.

What should you include?

Your ePortfolio is like an extended, detailed, and creative blog and should include significant evidence each year of the following:

- Career goals

- Resume

- Research & Performance

- Civic Engagement

- Experiences with other cultures

- Professional Learning Experiences

- Examples of work: written, photos, videos

- Honors Classes (assignments, work, research)

- Awards and honors

- Organizations and activities, extra- or co-curricular

 The ePortfolio will document your experiences in Honors for AT LEAST four semesters (typically, junior and senior year).

Each semester you must document your work in Research & Performance, Professional Experiences, Civic Engagement & Service, and Experiences with other Cultures. 

You may use any platform, but Wix is suggested. 

ePortfolio Examples coming soon!