Prospective Students

Director’s Greeting

Welcome to the Honors Program @ UNA! The HP offers students a total undergraduate experience—academic, social, co-curricular, extra-curricular, residential, and financial—of unsurpassed value. Allow us to say that again: we believe that dollar for dollar there is no undergraduate experience in the United States that offers better value than the HP @ UNA. The HP is absolutely dedicated to excellence, and in everything we do our goal is to make learning fun.

If you are ambitious to be the very best and want a support system that encourages excellence, the HP @ UNA may be for you. Our core Honors attributes – what we look for and encourage – are Curiosity, Creativity, Integrity, Achievement, and Service. To read more about why we honor these attributes, follow this link.

“Success” means different things to different people. We are here to help you define success on your own terms and attain it. The HP method for success – we’ve tried it, and it works – is “Learn – Play – Rest – Repeat.” To understand what we mean by these steps and why the method works, click here.

The HP was founded in 2005, and we have continued each year since our inception to build on a foundation of rigorous academics and an enduring belief that the college experience should be unforgettable. We have strong values (see above), but we are a young program, eager to try new things, and quick to keep in step with the pace of global change.

Explore our website to discover what you want to know about the HP @ UNA. Read what our students, past and present, have to say about the Program. Check out the benefits – and the requirements. We are looking for students who are up for a challenge, intellectually, socially, and personally. Maybe that’s you.


Vince Brewton, Ph.D., Director