Frequently Asked Questions


The Housing & Residence Life office is located in Rice Hall (Enter the Mane Market vestibule and turn left). We may be reached at 256-765-5558 or by fax at 256-765-5840. Our email address is and our mailing address is Housing & Residence Life, UNA Box 5037, Florence, AL 35632. 
Our hours of operation during the fall and spring semesters are Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm excluding university holidays. Hours of operation for summer are Monday-Thursday, 7:30am-4:30pm and 7:30-11:30am on Friday excluding university holidays. You may contact us by using any of the methods listed above. Residents may contact our duty staff after business hours, if needed. Each residence hall has the appropriate duty number posted throughout the building, on our entrances and exits, and inside each room.
The best way to stay up-to-date about important Housing & Residence Life information is to check your UNA portal email on a regular basis. This is the university's official form of communication and our primary contact method. It's important for students to keep an updated phone number and emergency contact information on file with our department. This can be accessed through the Residence application system by logging in with your UNA username and password. We also keep residents involved and informed through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram
You may schedule a campus tour through the Office of Admissions or you may contact the Housing & Residence Life office at or 256-765-5558. Our tour room is located in one of UNA's newest residence halls, Mattielou Hall, but your tour will begin at the Housing & Residence Life office in Rice Hall (residential dining entrance). One of our Resident Advisors will gladly escort you and answer any questions you may have about living on campus at UNA. We offer tours during the week between 9am-4pm and during special university events such as Preview Day. Tours are unavailable during university holidays, semester breaks, finals week, SOAR, and the month of August
The residence hall application can be found here. The apartment application can be found here
UNA does have a Freshmen Residency Requirement. All full-time, first-time freshmen must live on campus for one academic year. Freshmen requesting an exemption must complete a Freshmen Residency Live On Requirement Exemption Form. Additional information, including reasons for requesting an exemption, may be found here
For Fall 2018, Upperclassmen residents will check-in on Thursday, August 16th between 1-4pm. Mattielou Hall residents will check-in on Friday, August 17th between 9am-4pm. Olive Hall residents will check-in on Saturday, August 18th between 9am-4pm. All residents will reserve a specific check-in slot beginning July 20, 2018. Student organizations with earlier check-in dates (e.g. athletics, band, sororities, and ROTC) will receive specific information from coaches and advisors. 
You will receive a digital information packet in either late June or late July, depending on your application date. More specific information can be found here. The e-packet will include useful information about move-in weekend and your hall assignment such as your room number and roommate assignment.  This information will be sent to your UNA Portal email address.
The University uses e-billing which you access through your UNA Portal Self-Service account. Residence Hall charges are applied to your tuition bill and are due when your tuition is due at the beginning of the semester. Any nonspecific financial aid (grants, loans, and general scholarships) can be used to cover residence hall room charges and will be applied to your balance.
Your residence hall application fee is not applied to the cost of the room. The residence hall application fee is payable when you submit your initial application for an on-campus residence hall assignment. Your residence hall application fee is a one-time, out-of-pocket fee and continues for subsequent semesters as long as you reclaim your room during the advertised room reclaim date.
The Residence Hall Contract is a legally binding contract which becomes effective upon signing and lasts for one academic year. The student under contractual agreement agrees to assume financial responsibility for the assigned room at the current room rate. Additionally, each student has a basic responsibility for arranging adequate financial support prior to signing a contract/lease and will not be released solely upon financial circumstances. 
Any student that wants to terminate the Residence Hall Contract must provide written documentation of exceptional circumstances including withdrawal from the university, called to active military duty, graduation, academic study abroad, academic internship, university dismissal, or approved medical condition. The student would need to review the corresponding information and complete an official Contract/Lease Release Request Form. If the student is not satisfied with the decision rendered by the committee and has new information, they can appeal to the Director of Housing & Residence Life, or their designee. 
Single rooms are very limited, but are available at a higher rate on a first-come, first-serve basis. A single occupancy room is a room that is designed for and assigned to one specific resident. Dependent upon space and availability, a Double-As-Single room may be available at a higher rate. A DAS room is designed for two residents, but can be claimed and assigned to one specific resident. Residence Hall Rates are available HERE
Any changes that need to be made to your application should be submitted in writing. Change requests must be received at least 4 weeks prior to check-in. There is no guarantee that requests for changes will be granted. (An e-mail from your UNA Portal e-mail can serve as submitting your request in writing.)
Lafayette and Rivers are co-educational separated by floor; Covington and Hawthorne, by cluster; Mattielou and Olive, by room. Co-ed buildings are subject to change based upon demand. Appleby East and West are all-female halls. 
In most situations the answer is yes, students who wish to request one another as roommates should complete the roommate matching process within the Residence website.  Students submitting the same type of application (ie: Freshman Application, General Application) will be able to match with other students completing the same application. Roommate requests are not guaranteed. Please note the deadline to submit a roommate request HERE.
Assignments are based on spaces that have not been reclaimed by current residents. The primary consideration is the date the completed application, contract, and application fee are received. Assignments are then made based on preference and availability, in the following order: your preferred residence hall, specific and mutual roommate requests, your preferred room type, and roommate matching questions. 

Once a room or building assignment has been made, any request for change must be be approved by a professional staff member in Housing & Residence Life. All room and building changes must be coordinated and approved by Housing & Residence Life. Please note that fall assignments are final once assigned and distributed and no changes will be made until the room change process (explained below). 

If you experience difficulties with roommates, clustermates, and/or facilities, you should always pursue a resolution with the Resident Advisor on your floor first. Roommate reconciliation is a great resource by the professional Housing & Residence Life staff. Always seek their assistance before making a request to the Housing & Residence Life office to change rooms. If a professional staff member approves the room change, then a move day will be designated and room charges adjusted. Any resident making an unauthorized move will be charged for an improper room change and then must return to the original assignment.

Housing & Residence Life also hosts a room change and consolidation process at the beginning of each semester. During this process, students will have the opportunity (space permitting) to move to a new room, change roommates or change buildings altogether. Since these potential moves are based on spaces being available, not all requests to move will be granted.  Student classifications and gender restrictions on buildings are still upheld during the period.

All rooms in each residence halls are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet service. There is no charge for this UNA Internet service. Click here to view the University of North Alabama Information Technologies Acceptable Use Statement.
You should bring a personal cell phone and charger. Telephone service is not available in residence hall rooms.
Washers and dryers are located in each residence hall and are available free of charge for use by all residents. It is the responsibility of each resident to monitor and claim their laundry within a reasonable timeframe in order to keep our public laundry rooms clean. Soft drink and snack machines are also available in each residence hall. 

No illegal substances or paraphernalia are permitted on campus. Drugs and drug paraphernalia will be confiscated by residence hall staff and/or officers of the UNA Police. The resident's rights of privacy and study will be maintained. Loud and/or disruptive behavior, interference with the cleanliness of residence halls, or drinking habits injurious to the health or education of an individual or those around him/her are reasons for appropriate disciplinary action.

Alabama State Law prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21. UNA and Housing & Residence Life expect students and their guests to comply fully with these laws.

Please click here for additional information. 

A guest is someone who visits a residence hall at the invitation of the resident registering him/her as a guest. All family members apply to these standards as well. Guests are permitted in a residence hall room only by consent of all occupants of the room. Guests may be accommodated in university housing for no more than three nights in any 30-day period. Underage guests are prohibited without prior approval from a Housing & Residence Life professional staff member. 
The University of North Alabama’s is a smoke-free campus effective Fall 2017. 
We do allow fish in tanks up to five gallons. 
No, Apogee cable service is contracted through the University. Satellite dishes are not permitted.
Yes, the apartments are open during the summer months. On the apartment application, you have the option of choosing to begin leasing an apartment during the summer. If you are already in an apartment, you have the option of extending your lease.
The availability will depend on the number of apartments that will become vacant. This can vary from year to year, so if you are interested in an apartment, submit your application and deposit as soon as possible.
All apartments are provided with a refrigerator, stove, and oven. Twin Oaks, Lion's Gate and Grandview apartments have dishwashers. Grandview has a furnished living room, TV, kitchen bar stools, microwave, washer, and dryer.
Yes, Internet is available for an additional cost of approximately $225 per semester. You may request an AT&T Hot Spot modem through Housing & Residence Life. Housing & Residence Life is not responsible for the cost and/or privacy of the network. Routers are prohibited. 

All residential students are required to have a meal plan. If you do not select a plan, then the Business Office will select and charge you for a meal plan. First-time, Full-time (freshmen) students may select a meal plan from the Residential options. All other students may select a meal plan from either the Residential or Commuter options. 

You may order a meal plan on-line through your UNA Portal account or by visiting the cashier's window in Bibb Graves Hall. Meal plan prices are subject to change. Visit UNA Dining for more information. 

Our Residence Halls operate on a academic year contract (August Move In Day - Day After May Graduation) so buildings do not close during break. Additional information is sent to residents via UNA email prior to the break beginning.  
No, but if students are interested in purchasing property insurance, they may visit National Student Services, Inc.
Each student is assigned a mailbox in the GUC and may receive mail and packages through the U.S. Postal Service. Residents may receive direct deliveries (e.g. flowers) at the Housing & Residence Life office in Rice Hall (615 N. Pine Street, Florence, AL 35632). Additional information on using the campus mail room and locating your box number can be found here