Room Change Request Form

Important: Please read the below information. By submitting a room change request you are agreeing to the terms as outlined. Failure to complete the form in full and according to directions could result in your request being voided. 

  1. Room changes are first-come, first-serve basis and are not guaranteed. 
  2. Any resident requesting a private (single) room should be aware that singles are limited.
  3. Approvals/Denials for room changes will be sent by Housing & Residence Life via UNA email. 
  4. Residents will be contacted via UNA email when a space becomes available. You will have 24 hours to either accept or decline the offer. Failure to respond to an offer will result in your request being voided.
  5. Once you accept an offer, you have 24 hours to complete your room change and officially check out of your original assignment. Further instructions will be included in your approval email. 
  6. Any resident that moves rooms (changes assignments) without approval from Housing & Residence Life will be required to move back to their original assignment immediately and fined a $150 unofficial room change charge. 
  7. Residents will be held responsible for the cost of their new assignment. Please visit HERE for additional information on room rates. 
  8. If you submit a room change request of any kind, you must communicate this to your roommate if you have one. 

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Failure to complete form fully could result in your request being voided. Please read the directions carefully.

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Your Room Change Request Form has been received. Please review the timeline and frequently asked questions HERE. You will be contacted by Housing & Residence Life as we are able to approve/deny your request. Please note that submitting a form DOES NOT guarantee an approved room change. Please contact HRL with any additional questions.