Apartment Application

University Apartment Application Process:

    1. Download an application.
    2. Please fill out documents completely. Uncompleted applications cannot be processed.
    3. Be sure to include the $200 deposit. Checks, money orders, and debit/credit cards are accepted.
    4. If paying by credit card, download a Credit Card Authorization Form.
    5. Mail application and application deposit to:
      Environmental Services
      and Housing Facilities Management 
      University of North Alabama
      UNA 5037
      Florence, AL 35632-0001

Apartment Costs:

  • Each apartment applicant must pay a security deposit along with a completed application to be placed on the waiting list. Deposit is refundable with written notice to be removed from waiting list.
  • When lease is signed, apartment rent is added to the student account with tuition and fees. Rent is prorated beginning with the date the apartment lease is signed. Apartment rent is billed five months for fall and spring semesters with the option of adding the summer months if you choose.  Apartment rent is due and payable with each semester's tuition.
  • If a tenant moves out at the official end of the lease period, a refund of any excess paid rent past the May 31 termination date is contingent on how the tenant has met conditions of the lease.
  • Please click on "Apartment Rates" for detailed rates for each apartment type and other cost information.

Special Circumstances:

  • Married Couples: At least one person must be enrolled at UNA as a full-time student. Copy of marriage certificate is required.
  • Brother/Sister: Each must be enrolled at UNA as a full-time student. Copy of each birth certificate is required.
  • Single Parent: Must be enrolled at UNA as a full-time student. Copy of birth certificate for each child is required. 


  • Priority is given to upperclassmen first.
  • Apartments are leased upon availability and priority date of application and deposit receipt. Our office will notify the applicant when an apartment is available for the requested semester. 


  • The lease begins on date of signing and terminates on May 31. Renewals for less than a year are negotiable.
  • The lease requires the signature of each tenant.
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