The University of North Alabama has apartments available to university students. The Single Level apartments are conveniently located, within walking distance of the entire campus, behind the Kilby Professional Laboratory School, and by the University’s Health & Wellness Services Center, located in Bennett Infirmary.  Lion's Gate apartments are located less than one mile from campus on North Pine Street. Our newest apartment complex, Grandview Campus Place, is located on Graham Avenue about one mile from the campus off of North Pine Street.

Priority is given to upperclassmen first.  Only two single adults (of same gender) are allowed per apartment. If rented by a married couple, at least one of the tenants must meet the enrollment requirements. Single parent must provide birth certificate of each child. Brother and sister must each fulfill enrollment requirements and provide birth certificates.

The lease begins on date of signing and terminates on May 31st. Renewals for less than a year are negotiable.

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