Covington & Hawthorne

Hawthorne and Covington are two of UNA's 10-month residence halls available primarily to upper classification students. Each hall can accommodate 92 women and men students on three floors and a basement. Hawthorne Hall is located on the corner of Pine Street and Hawthorne Street, to the north of Rice Hall. Covington Hall is located directly behind Rice and Rivers Hall, between Covington Street and Hawthorne Street.

Every four residents compose a mini-cluster and share a full bathroom, designed for student privacy. The typical mini-cluster has two single-occupancy bedrooms and one double-occupancy bedroom. Three mini-clusters form a mini community of 12 residents who share a lounge and kitchen.

Each resident has an extra-long twin bed, desk and desk chair, closet, and chest of drawers. Beds can be configured as a loft, if desired; lofting hardware is available by written request on first-come basis from the Residential Facilities Management and Environmental Services office. All bedrooms have a window measuring 40” wide x 65” long. For rooms with bay windows, the center is 40” x 65” and each side window measures 24” x 65”. Mini-blinds are provided.

Each lounge is furnished with sofa, chairs, coffee and end tables. A luxury kitchen on each floor consists of a refrigerator, oven, and sink. The multipurpose room, vending machines, and ice machine are located in the basement.

Hawthorne and Covington residents can enjoy a terrace located directly behind each building.  This fenced area is equipped with café-style tables, chairs, and umbrellas. The terrace will make a nice place to study as well as a prime location for staff programming.

Hawthorne and Covington each has its own laundry facilities and study rooms, which include state-of-the-art desktop computers. The resident’s mane card can be used for vending, laundry, and computer printing.

Card access entrance and 24-hour security are provided; security is enhanced with video cameras in lobby areas. All guests must sign in at the front desk and be escorted by the host resident at all times. Visitation hours are determined by the Department of University Residences.

Hawthorne and Covington residents enjoy on-site parking lots. Plus, Towers Cafeteria, the athletic field, and the University’s Student Recreation Center are just a few steps away from both residence halls.

Hawthorne and Covington require the 10-month housing contract (August - May), thus allowing the resident year-around access during academic breaks, such as Christmas, Spring Break, and between semesters.  Men and women residents are assigned to separate mini communities.  Coeducational status is based upon demand.

Room Types
  • Double: Two persons in room. Room approximates 12' x 15' in typical 3-bedroom unit plan.
  • Single: Designed for only one resident. Cost is higher than double room. Room approximates 10' x 12'.
  • Handicap accessible: Includes a wheel chair roll-in shower stall at basement (ground) level.
Floor Plans: 2nd Floor
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