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General Housing Questions

  • Q: When can I move in?

A: Residence halls open for occupancy at 1:00 p.m. on the Friday and Saturday prior to the first day of registration for the term. All check-in processes are managed in the Department of University Residences

  • Q: How will I be billed for my room?

A: The University now uses e-billing which you access through your UNA Portal Self-Service account. Housing rent is applied to your tuition bill and is due when your tuition is due at the beginning of the semester. Any nonspecific financial aid (grants, loans, and general scholarships) can be used to cover housing rent and will be applied to your balance.
  Your housing application fee is not applied to the cost of the room. The housing application fee is payable when you make your initial application for on-campus housing. Your housing application fee is a one-time, out-of-pocket fee and continues for subsequent semesters as long as you remain in the campus residence halls.

  • Q: What should I bring and what should I leave at home?

A: View a list of advised and prohibited list of items to bring and to avoid. Also see "Things to Know Before Moving In" for more helpful information.

  • Q: Which halls are co-ed?

A: LaFayette, Mattielou, Rice, and Rivers are co-educational separated by floor; Covington and Hawthorne, by cluster. Co-ed buildings are subject to change based upon demand.

Computers, Telephones, & Laundry

  • Q: Does my room have Internet access?

A: All rooms in each residence hall are now equipped with high-speed Internet service via wireless Internet. There is no charge for this UNA Internet service.   You should remember that this is an unsecured network. Routers are prohibited.

View the University of North Alabama Information Technologies Acceptable Use Statement
  • Q: If I do not have a computer, is one available for me to use?

A: A computer lab is located in Rivers Hall for all residence hall students, as well as LaFayette Hall for students in the Honors Program. Labs are equipped with both Gateway and Macintosh computers. Software includes word processing, database, and spreadsheet programs.
  Network printers are available using student's mane card.
  Computer labs are available in each of the cluster-style residence halls: on 2nd and 3rd floors in Covington, Hawthorne, and Appleby East and West.

  • Q: What kind of telephone service is provided?

A: You should bring a personal cell phone and charger. Telephone service is not available in resident rooms.

  • Q: Where can I wash my clothes?

A: Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in each residence hall and are available for use by all residents. Soft drink and snack machines are also available. The mane card may be used for some laundry and vending services.

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Department Policies

  • Q: What is the alcohol and drug policy?

A: No illegal substances or paraphernalia are permitted on campus. Drugs and drug paraphernalia will be confiscated by residence hall staff and/or officers of the UNA Police.
  No kegs are allowed in any area at any time. According to university policy, university students are expected to be aware of and to abide by local and state laws and university regulations.
  The resident's rights of privacy and study will be maintained. Loud and/or disruptive behavior, interference with the cleanliness of residence halls, or drinking habits injurious to the health or education of an individual or those around him/her are reasons for appropriate disciplinary action.
  In the State of Alabama, individuals must be 21 years old to purchase, possess or consume alcohol. It is unlawful for minors to "purchase, consume, possess or to transport any alcohol, liquor, malt or brewed beverages within the state..."
  In addition, anyone who furnishes alcoholic beverages to a minor is subject to a civil suit by the minor's parents or guardian. There is no limit to the damages that may be awarded in such a suit. At the University of North Alabama, any minor found with alcohol, or anyone hosting a minor with alcohol, will be subject to university disciplinary action.

  • Q: Where is smoking allowed?

A: There are designated smoking areas outside of each residence hall. Smoking is not permitted inside any building on campus.

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  • Q: Am I required to have a meal plan?

A: If this your first time to live in a UNA residence hall, then you must purchase a meal plan. When you sign the housing contract, you are agreeing to a mandatory meal plan if you live in Rice, Rivers, Mattielou, LaFayette, Hawthorne, or Covington Hall.
  The requirement is for two regular semesters (Fall and Spring). If you do not select a plan, then the Business Office will select and charge you for the meal plan.
  You may order your meal plan (board) by going online through your UNA Portal account. Or, if on campus, visit the cashier's window in Bibb Graves Hall. Meal plan prices are subject to change. You can visit for more info.

  • Q: Does the Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management Office offer property insurance?

A: If students are interested in purchasing property insurance, they may visit National Student Services, Inc.  Or, check your parents' homeowner's insurance policy, if applicable.

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Apartment Questions

  • Q: Are pets allowed in the apartments?

A: The only pet that we allow are fish in a tank not bigger than 5 gallons. Sorry, no cats or dogs.

  • Q: Can I subscribe to any other cable service besides the one that the University provides?

A: No, cable services go through the University. If you are interested in premium services, you need to go through Apogee for that upgrade. Satellite dishes are not permitted.

  • Q: Are the apartments open during the summer months?

A: Yes, the apartments are open during the summer months. On the apartment application you have the option of choosing to begin leasing an apartment during the summer. If you are already in an apartment, you have the option of extending your lease.

  • Q: What is the availability of the apartments?

A: The availability will depend on the number of apartments that will become vacant. This can vary from year to year, so if you are interested in an apartment, submit your application and deposit as soon as possible.

  • Q: What appliances are furnished?

A: All apartments are provided with a refrigerator, stove, and oven. The Single Level, Lion's Gate and Grandview Campus Apartments have dishwashers.  Grandview has furnished living room, TV, kitchen bar stools, microwave, washer, and dryer.

  • Q: Does the University provide Internet service?

A: Yes, Internet is available for an additional cost.  If you wish, you may go through the Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management Office to obtain a Hot Spot modem offered by AT & T.  The Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management Office is not responsible for the cost and/or privacy of the network. Routers are prohibited. Grandview Campus Apartments has WiFi. 

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