Welcome to the Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management Office at the University of North Alabama. All UNA residence halls are conveniently located and provide a great place to make friends and feel a part of the university community. If you think all residence halls are cramped, noisy, and impersonal, then you haven't visited one of UNA's residence halls. All rooms have UNA wireless Internet service and cable television.

Living on campus is a once in a lifetime opportunity that exposes you to situations and experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. Aside from the networking opportunities and the lifelong friendships and memories that will be made, you are exposed to a “melting pot” of cultures that you cannot experience anywhere else. Through this diversity you will learn skills that will help both your student and professional development. These skills include communication, conflict management and the art of compromise. Each of these skills will be very important to your future supervisors and they will be impressed that you have already mastered them simply because you stayed on campus.

I am not saying that every student that stays on campus will be a huge success in life. But I am saying that by staying on campus you will be taking a very important step to gain the necessary tools to help ensure that you will.

- Audrey Mitchell 
Director of Environmental Services and Housing Facilities Management


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