After Summer 2015, LaGrange Hall will be offline.  LaGrange Hall is a traditional-style hall open to new freshmen, as well as upper classification students.  LaGrange Hall can accommodate 226 students on four floors. Residents are housed second through fifth floors, which are divided into east and west wings. LaGrange Hall faces beautiful campus walkways and has access from Circular Road and Pine Street.

Standard rooms are designed to house two residents per room. Each resident has an extra-long twin bed, bulletin board, chest of drawers, desk and chair, study lamp, and built-in closet and book shelves.

Two community bath facilities are located on each floor, one on each wing. Typically, each consists of five showers, and five toilets, all with privacy enclosures, plus four lavatories with mirrors.

Convenient card access entrance and 24-hour security are provided. All guests must sign in and be escorted by host resident at all times. Structured visitation hours are enforced. Residents within LaGrange must follow visitation hours as well. Smoking is not permitted within any residence hall.

The first floor of LaGrange Hall encompasses multiple services: the front lobby, laundry facilities, kitchen, computer lab, and a community TV lounge/activity area with vending machines.

A campus parking deck and parking lots are adjacent to the building. The Mane Market Cafeteria and the University Food Court are easily accessible for residents of LaGrange Hall. Plus, LaGrange Hall is just a few steps from the University’s Student Recreational Center.

Room Types

  • Double (standard): Two persons in room. Room is 12' x 15'. Two windows: mini-blind size is 23" x 64".
  • Single (standard): Requires pre-approval for medical or special support needs. Same room as double room but only one person. No furniture can be removed. Cost is higher.
  • Handicap accessible: Located on second floor. Typically a single occupancy standard room, with adjustments in furnishing to accommodate physically challenged. A shower and laundry facility are also located on second floor. Entrance to residence hall at second-floor rear door.
Floor Plans: All Floors
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