Alumni Comments

What do our graduates say?

"The Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Alabama graduates students who are prepared to conquer whatever next steps they choose with the help of the faculty and staff.  The dynamic inside Flowers Hall, where classes are held, is uplifting and positive, plus the multiple opportunities to gain experience are second to none.  Students are given the option to participate in all areas of the research process as early as their freshman year, lead in various roles in registered student organizations, and attend national conferences during their time as an undergraduate student which sets this program apart from other universities. The professors mentor, go above and beyond, and work tirelessly to ensure every student has the opportunity to succeed.  As a student with aspirations to go on to a Master's level competitive program, the practical hands-on skills incorporated into multiple classes acted as a catapult to get there.  Graduating with a degree in Exercise Science gave me the confidence necessary to continue to chase my dreams far after receiving my diploma."
--Chandon Hines, 2018 UNA Alumni

“The UNA Physical Education faculty are caring individuals who show concern to their students during their undergraduate work and continue to show their support throughout each student’s career.”
--Missy Cupp, Muscle Shoals Middle School

“My most rewarding experiences at UNA included the one-on-one personal attention I received. Being taken under an instructor’s arm and given such a sense of security and working hand-in-hand with my instructors gave me the sense of being a professional while still a student.”
--Steve Callahan, Harlan Elementary School

“The quality of education I received in the Physical Education Department at UNA exceeded the classroom setting. Faculty members displayed genuine interest in the needs of the students. Their encouragement and efforts afforded me the opportunity to be involved in the physical education profession at the university, state and national levels.”
--Kim Greenway, University of North Alabama

“The atmosphere for learning is quite exquisite. Small student to teacher ratio allows for more personalized learning based on the needs of the student. Every professor had an interest in each student's potential career path and helped direct them in the way they should go: physically and educationally. Overall, my experience at UNA in their Health Promotion and Human Performance program was challenging and very rewarding. I feel that the friendships and partnerships made while at UNA will go far beyond the walls of the classroom.”
Amber Reynolds, Exercise Specialist\Therapist and Assistant Manager, Davis Center Pulmonary Rehabilitation Clinic, Savannah, TN

“The Physical Education program at UNA far exceeded all of my expectations. The faculty and staff in the Department of HPER go above and beyond to ensure you get the highest quality education possible. At UNA, you are not just another student. The faculty and staff take the time to get to know you because they truly care about you and your education.”
--Freddie McConnell, DOA, Alabama A&M University

“I look back on my education at UNA in the HPER Department as one of the most valuable experiences of my life. The faculty in the HPER Department truly care about their students professionally and personally. I will always be in debt to the department for the many opportunities they afforded me.”
--Don Chaney, Ph.D., University of Alabama

“My experience as a student in HPER at UNA has provided me with the foundation I needed to further my education. The faculty members in HPER were the most encouraging of any faculty I have been associated with throughout my educational experience. I am proud to be a graduate of the HPER program and the University of North Alabama.”
--Allison Ford, Ph.D., Florida Atlantic University

“From my first job after graduating from the UNA Department of HPER in 2003 until now I've never hesitated in promoting "our" department because I appreciate how well prepared I was for work in the field. I use what I learned in kinesiology, physiology of exercise, and my experience in the Human Performance Lab every single day. I wear many hats in my position at the Madison Wellness Center so I credit our Department of HPER with giving me a solid educational foundation that has allowed me to work with athletes from junior high through the professional ranks, senior citizens, physically and/or mentally disabled, and post-rehab (cardiac and orthopedic) patients with extreme confidence. This same foundation allowed me to pass the difficult exams required to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist even after being out of school for several years. Anytime a high school student or parent comes to me to ask for advice on where they need to go to school if they want to work in the health and fitness field my biased response is "UNA, Department of HPER." 
--David Rhea, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Huntsville Hospital-Madison Wellness Center