Welcome to the Connie D. McKinney Center!

The Connie D. McKinney Center houses multiple areas of studies for the School of the Arts. Primarily in the Visual Arts & Design Department. These concentrations are Fashion Merchandising & Design, Interior Architecture & Design, Culinary Management, Hospitality & Events Management. 

The Connie D. McKinney Center has a unique environment that encourages interaction with faculty, staff, and other students. Besides housing amazing programs it also boasts the Gallery event center and Demonstration Studio, which is a modern state-of-the-art kitchen to showcase culinary expertise.

Opportunities for membership in pre-professional organizations encourage students to participate in department activities which include study tours, community and university service, and other project-based activities. These pre-professional organizations provide opportunities for student leadership and cultivate connections and confidence in their field of studies. 

The Connie D. McKinney Center is located at 205 S. Seminary St. in the heart of downtown Florence. Culinary Management, Hospitality & Events Management are currently located at East Campus, a short distance the from main campus. 

 Do not hesitate to contact us and arrange for a tour of our facilities!