Caitlin Holland, President, Shoals Chamber of Commerce

”The Shoals area is already benefitting from The Shoals Shift Movement by heightened interest in establishing new businesses. The Chamber strongly embraces this entrepreneurial and innovative initiative.”

Dr. Ken Kitts, President, University of North Alabama

“It is exciting to see our students engaged with business leaders and mentors in the many Shoals Shift project initiatives. This project continues to expand the ways in which UNA impacts the economic wealth of the region.”

Mary Marshall VanSant, Director of Continuing Education, University of North Alabama

“The Idea Audition has offered people the opportunity to showcase their ideas in a creative and fun environment.  It is exciting to see several of the participants launching their own companies and watching their success.”

Dr. Doug Barrett, Director, Institute for Innovation and Economic Development

“The Shoals Shift project gives our students opportunities to experience real-world learning opportunities that can result in starting their own companies. All of the hundreds of students who participated have added to their future skill-set as well strengthening their resumes.”

Kristen Husainy, COO – Managing Partner, Sycamore Physician Contracting

“I am so grateful for UNA and the programming provided through the Shoals Shift initiatives. Participating in Shoals Idea Audition and Shoals Alabama Launchpad has provided the training and opportunities we needed to compete for funding and accelerate the growth of our new business.“

Angela Wier, Vice President, Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

“There is a special collaboration going on in the Shoals. The culture of entrepreneurship was why we were so excited when this area signed up first for the regional Alabama Launchpad program.”

Giles McDaniel, Executive Director, Shoals Entrepreneurial Center

“Watching the community embrace the Shoals Shift movement as a catalyst for Economic Development has made me proud of the role the Shoals Entrepreneurial Center has played in its inception. The collaboration with UNA and the Shoals Chamber of Commerce is successfully building a platform for the community to compete in a digital world.”

Nancy Samford, Director, Florence Lauderdale Public Library

“As a lifelong Shoals resident, I have witnessed the transformative powers that the Shoals Shift movement has offered to our area. The Collaboratory at the Library is pleased to be a part of this exciting initiative.”

Wes Wages, Armosa Studios

"Shoals Shift has been an encouraging movement for our business that pushes us to new levels in digital technology."