Requirements for the BIS Degree

BIS students pursue a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree.  The BIS degree, in addition to completion of the general education requirements, requires all students to complete an area of emphasis and two additional BIS specific courses: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS 199, 1 credit hour) and Independent Study-Practicum (IDS 499, 3 credit hours).  These two required courses are offered on-line.  The IDS 499 capstone course is taken during the student's last semester at UNA.  Depending on the student's interests and studies, their capstone project may require prior involvement in a department's research and/or lab-based courses.  In such cases, students must work closely with the BIS Director and faculty in those departments conducting that research semesters in advance of enrollment in IDS 499.

The BIS degree offers two options: Option 1, a flexible and individualized program of study based on academic and career interests in one of seven areas of emphasis (Arts, Business, Health, Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Technology, or Women's Studies); and Option 2, an applied entrepreneurship option that allows students to apply approved technical coursework to the BIS degree program.

Degree Requirements for Option 1

  1. A total of 120 semester hours is required as a minimum for graduation with 36 semester hours of this total coming from courses numbered 300 or 400.
  2. General Education Requirements (41-47 semester hours)
    1. Same General Education Component required of all students if approved by the student’s academic advisor.
    2. May follow either requirements for Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree (requires completion of foreign language courses at the intermediate level).
  3. A minimum of 42 hours must be earned from the selected Area of Emphasis (the 42 does not include a 1 credit hour IDS 199 and 3 credit hour IDS 499 which are required of all BIS degree-seeking students) with no more than 24 hours coming from a single academic prefix (for example MG - Management; PY - Psychology; HES - Human Environment Sciences; NU - Nursing) and no more than 30 hours from the College of Business. In IDS 199 the student will, in addition to other requirements, choose an area of emphasis and develop a program of study to complete the degree. This will be accomplished in close consultation with the BIS program director.
  4. In the selected Area of Emphasis, a minimum of 24 semester hours of the 42 must be taken in courses numbered 300 or 400 (Courses taken to satisfy the general education requirement cannot be counted again within an area of emphasis though those courses may be prerequisites to courses in the area of emphasis.).  Please keep in mind that all UNA students, regardless of traditional academic major, must complete a minimum of 36 credits hours at the 300-400 level.
  5. The remainder of the 128 hours or remaining 300 or 400 level may be selected by the student with approval of the BIS program director (at least one course must be a designated writing intensive course and BIS students must follow the University's QEP plan).
  6. Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course.
  7. An average of C (2.0) is required for all hours attempted toward the degree, hours counted in the area of emphasis, and all hours taken at the 300-400 level.
  8. All other university policies (e.g., residence requirements) relating to requirements that must be met for all degree programs apply to the BIS degree.

Degree Requirements for Option 2

The BIS Option 2 is open to graduates of community college two-year vocational-technical programs. Students may enter this program after receiving their associate degree from a regionally accredited community-technical college.

  1. Option 2 students will complete a maximum of 42 semester hours in the ‘Applied Entrepreneurship’ area of emphasis, of which no more than 30 hours may be from courses offered by the College of Business.
  2. The remaining 12 hours may include transferred technical courses or other supporting courses offered from outside the College of Business. Option 2 students will be allowed to transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours of block credit for technical coursework completed in their associate degree program. All of the 30 semester hours of block credit may be used to apply to the 120 semester hours required for the bachelor’s degree. None of the technical coursework may be transferred into any other academic program offered by the University, however. Questions regarding the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Option 2 program should be directed to the BIS program director.

Meeting degree requirements is the student's responsibility.  Helping the student navigate through the process is one of many responsibilities held by the student's academic advisor.  Dr. Craig Robertson is your BIS academic advisor.  Let him help you be successful as you "Start to Finish"!

Revised 2/7/17