One-Stop Shop for Student Enrollment

Returning to school is stressful.  Balancing work, family, commuting, and life in general easily fills one's plate.  Adding to that plate with on-line or traditional college level coursework may, initially, seem like too much.  No website can fix it all but, if you're seriously considering taking that step toward beginning or finishing your baccalaureate degree program then this "One-Stop-Shop" will be helpful.  Remember, it's all about "Start to Finish" so start strong.  Call our office and we will assist you (256.765.5003).

Application-to-Enrollment Timeline

What you see below is an activity timeline.  By taking these steps in order and completing the essential activity at each "stop" you can make a smoother and less stressful transition to UNA.

Contact the Department of Interdisciplinary and Professional Studies directly at (256.765.5003) or call 1-800-TALK UNA (ext. 5003).  You may also e-mail or

  • Let us know of your interest in the Interdisciplinary Studies major.
  • Let us know what you've been doing since you were last in school.
  • Let us know if there were any particular problems you experienced when last taking courses.
  • Let us know what you're career objectives are.

Follow this link to establish an account and begin your application process:

After applying for admission to UNA, the next step will be for you to have official transcripts sent from ALL schools you attended where you earned college-level credit.  You will want those credits transferred to UNA, evaluated by the Admission's Office staff and, where applicable, applied to your Interdisciplinary Studies degree. Transcripts can be sent through an electronic sending service (such as eScrip/Parchment/Clearinghouse) to the admissions office. Direct these requests to If you need to send the transcript via mail, please use the following address:

Office of Admissions
UNA Box 5011
Florence, AL 35632

Once the application is submitted and you know the transcripts are on their way, you may need to contact Student Financial Services staff.  This office may be contacted by phone at 256.765.4278 but they also have a very well-organized website.  Follow this link to explore your financial aid options:  

Scholarships are also available and for transfer students from the community-college system some specific options are available.  Follow this link to access more specific information about scholarships:

Will you need on-campus housing?  Please take the time to visit the following website:  Please notice a link to a housing application form but be sure to look at the left of the webpage and click on the link to "Important Dates".  On-campus housing is limited and in demand so please meet the deadlines for applications, fees, etc. for the semester you wish to begin attending UNA.

Advising takes on special significance in Interdisciplinary Studies as our students must, with their academic advisor, take a central role in planning their program of study (POS).  As soon as students receive notification from the Admission's Office that they have been admitted, they should call our office (256.765.5003) so an advising session can be arranged via phone, Zoom, or in-office visit.  Your academic advisor will evaluate your transfer credits, speak with you about your educational and professional career objectives and get down to the business of crafting an academic schedule for the upcoming semester.

Student Orientation, Advisement and Registration (SOAR) sessions are scheduled each summer for new freshmen and transfer students.  These sessions aim to help students learn about University services, resources, involvement opportunities, academic advising, pre-register for classes, and gain valuable information on items such as financial aid, parking decals, meal plans, housing, tuition and more.

At your SOAR session you will, if you have not already, meet your Interdisciplinary Studies academic advisor, establish your course schedule, and register for those courses.  You will leave your SOAR session knowing exactly what your upcoming semester will look like.

If you cannot, for work, family, or other important reasons, attend a SOAR session, your Interdisciplinary Studies academic advisor will work with you one-on-one to ensure that you have a course schedule.

Once you and your advisor have developed your academic schedule you'll want to identify and purchase or rent your textbooks.  From the following link ( you may enter your student L number and a list of all course textbooks/materials will populate for each course you are registered for the upcoming semester.  This listing includes ISBN numbers. Once you've identified the textbooks you may use the ISBN number to purchase your books.  You may purchase books from UNA's bookstore, independent bookstores or on-line sources.

We hope this "one-stop-shop" and activity timeline will be a useful resource for you, but remember that no website replaces actual contact with people who want to help you.  Please don't hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns.

Revised HDS - 4/29/21