Post-Baccalaureate Programs: Continuing Your Interdisciplinary Path

This page is designed to give you an idea of the kinds of academic programs offered around the country that, based on your interests and aspirations, might appeal to the interdisciplinary-minded student.  Feel free to browse what will be a growing selection here and see where the flexibility of the Interdisciplinary Studies major can take you.  Look also at the courses required of students in these programs and think how courses offered across UNA's academic departments can prepare you.

University of North Alabama - Master of Professional Studies.

University of Washington - Master of Arts in Museology.

George Washington University - Master of Arts in International Development Studies and Master of Arts in International Economic Policy.

University of Toledo - Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

University of Toronto - Master of Information.

Virginia Tech. University - Masters in Information Technology (An ideal program for students with diverse interests and skills in mathematics, computer programming, and business/formal organizations).

Missouri State - Master of Professional Studies.

Texas Tech University - Master of Interdisciplinary Studies

DON'T FORGET LAW SCHOOLS - Interdisciplinary Studies students make excellent candidates for Law School where critical thinking, exceptional communication, analytical skills, and quality writing are demanded.

Revised 6/04/20 HDS