Why Choose UNA?

University of North Alabama is located in Florence, Alabama (video) one of the safest cities in the United States according to the most recent FBI Crime Report. Click here to learn more about Florence!

UNA is listed in "US News and World Report America's Best Colleges" as an institution that offers a quality education at an affordable price.

UNA is one of the oldest higher education institutions in the United States, founded in 1830.

UNA offers fully-accredited programs in over 100 different undergraduate or graduate options in four different colleges.

UNA has small classes, which are taught by faculty members, not graduate students or teaching assistants.

UNA offers students enrolled in the English as a Second Language Program the opportunity to also take academic classes.

UNA exposes students to a diverse student population plus the Shoals community welcomes internationals to integrate. A number of ethnic restaurants are available for off-campus dining.


The University of North Alabama offers a comprehensive scholarship program, including excellence (academic and leadership), service, performance (music and athletic), and talent scholarships.

Benefits to our Programs

English as Secondary Language Program:
  • UNA provides multiple level language training with the support of a designated computer lab.
  • The ESL classes have no more than 15 students to 1 teacher.
  • UNA offers over 100 different undergraduate majors, concentrations or various graduate programs.
  • The classes are small with 23 students to 1 faculty member.
  • Faculty members are students' academic advisors and professors.
  • UNA has an outstanding MBA program with specializations such as Management in Health Care, Business.
  • UNA programs are accredited by Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs.
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