Education Abroad Programs for Summer/Fall 2022

College of Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (CASE)

Salamanca, Spain: July 1-30, 2022. Trip Leaders are Dr. Scott Infanger,, and Dr. Claudia Vance, Cost $2,900 (not including airfare and tuition). The trip includes accommodations; language classes at Mester school, including dance and cooking lessons; guided tours of cities, museums, and cathedrals; and excursions to Madrid, Segovia, and Ávila (and Bilbao if funds are available). Courses offering three credit-hours include FL 201 Global Perspectives Through Study Abroad; SP 202 Intermediate Spanish; SP 320 Intermediate Grammar; FL/SP 490 Special Topics in International Studies; SP 499 Independent Study Abroad; and IE 499 Intercultural Experience.

Paris, France: June 2022. Trip Leaders are Prof. Robert Rausch,, and Dr. Stephanie Coker, Cost $2,800 (this total does not include tuition). Experience French culture, history, museums, châteaux, food, and more. Roundtrip airfare and transportation, breakfast, residence hall, museums/galleries, and attractions are included in the price. Courses offering three credit-hours include AR 335 Art & Photography; AR 499 Art and Culture of Paris; FR 499 Culture & Civilization of Paris; and IE 499 Intercultural Experience.


College of Business and Technology (COBT)

Scotland: May 10-24, 2022. Trip Leader is Dr. Mark Lawrence, Cost $2,600. Travel will primarily be by train around Scotland with a focus on Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Europe: May 19 – June 18, 2022. Trip Leader is Mr. Mitch Hamm, Cost $3,200. We will be visiting 10+ countries on this four-week driving trip around Europe. The trip will begin and end in Munich, Germany.

Italy: July 16 – 31, 2022. Trip Leader is Dr. Justin Carter, Cost $2,800. We will be splitting the trip between Rome, Florence, and Tuscany. Travel will primarily be by train.

Denmark & Sweden: October 7 – 17, 2022. Trip Leader is Mr. Matt Oglesby, Cost $2,200. In Denmark we will spend time at our partner university the International Business Academy, visit local companies such as LEGO, then travel by bus to spend a weekend in Sweden.


*The price of each COBT trip does not include tuition for the course. Price includes airfare, hotel, train/bus/van transportation, trip insurance, and some breakfast meals. Students need to bring money for food and personal shopping. Prices are subject to change prior to the trip depending on economic and currency exchange factors.