Immigration Status

The term "immigration status" refers to the immigration classification that U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) gives international visitors when they enter the United States, such as F-1 status or J-1 status. The status is written on the I-94.

Get to Know Your DSO

DSO stands for Designated School Official. This is a UNA employee who is legally authorized by the U.S. government to interact with the SEVP (Student Exchange Visitor Program) regarding international students. The Office of International Affairs' main DSO for F-1 students is Sarah Stevens however OIA has several employees who can advise students in maintaining, changing, or reinstating status. Also, students are advised on extending or changing a degree program or completing studies.

Some Important Reminders

  • International Students must have a valid Passport, Visa and I-20 with current dates.
  • Student's U.S. address must be current. If you have changed your address, you must notify the Office of International Affairs (OIA) within 10 days of making the change. The address in UNA's Banner system must match what is on the SEVIS records and on the Alabama Driver's License. Click here to send your new information to OIA.
  • If a student's VISA is going to expire in less than 6 months, the student is encouraged to renew the VISA outside the US, while in the student's home country.

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