LP Application

Thank you for your interest in the Office of International Affairs' English as a Second Language Conversation Partner Program, "Language Partners" (LP). Your needs and interests will be used to match you with (an) International student(s) participating in the program. Please complete the information below.   

NOTE: Once matched, you will be contacted by Office of International Affairs' Staff. If you have any questions about the Language Partner program or your application status, please visit Powers Hall Reception or email at


I would like to participate in the English-only Language Partner Program.
I would like to participate in the Dual-Language Language Partner Program. Native speakers of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Korean are available. This program matches students from UNA’s Critical Language Program (or other self-study language students) with ESL students for conversation practice in both languages. It is recommended that students spend half of the meeting conversing in one language and the other half conversing in the other language or, better yet, meet twice a week and target one language for each meeting.