Scholarship Application for Study Abroad

*Before you fill out the online application below, you must read "Guidelines and Instructions for Study Abroad Scholarship" carefully.

Applicants rewarded a scholarship will be notified via email to their UNA email address and by mail to their campus post office box or home address as listed in Banner. Students are encouraged to apply early. Students awarded a Study Abroad Scholarship must sign to accept the award in person by going to the Student Financial Services Office within 30 days. Applications will be accepted for Round One through November 1 and Round Two through February 15. Email submissions are date and time stamped. Deadlines will be strictly adhered to.

Personal Information

Your name:
      Last name:    First name:    MI: 
UNA Student ID (i.e., L005xxxx):
UNA Mail Box:
UNA Email: Phone:
Date of Birth:
US Citizen?:     If "No," country of citizenship:
Are you currently full-time or part-time student?    
Academic Level:
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Your Major(s): Your Minor(s):
Number of Semesters at UNA:
Have you previously received a Study Abroad Scholarship?    
If yes, when? 


In an essay of 500-1,000 words, typed on a separate sheet and attached to this application, please discuss why you wish to engage in academic study outside the United States, and how this relates to your broader academic and career goals. The essay must also contain the applicant's full name and UNA ID number, which is your "L005xxxx" number, and destination.

Upload Essay in Word (.doc) Format:

Your required essay will be evaluated based on the following 5 criteria:

1) Understanding of international educational experiences in general.
*How well the applicant understands pedagogical benefit of international educational experiences.

2) Clearly stated individual goals and objectives of trip.
*What exactly the applicant wants to achieve and accomplish through the intended trip.

3) Relevance of individual goals and objectives to trip.
*How the intended trip is likely to help the applicant accomplish the stated individual goals and objectives.

4) Relevance of the trip to the applicant's academic program.
*How closely the intended trip is related to the applicant's academic major/minor

5) Writing and reasoning.
*How clearly and well the applicant is presenting his/her reasoning in the essay.

Supplemental Information

Is the study abroad program, for which you are seeking scholarship, credit bearing?    
If yes, for which UNA course(s) are credit hours to be earned?

The exact number of credit hours to be earned:

Name of the Faculty Tour Leader or Advisor:

How long will you be engaged academically in the proposed study abroad program? Please list inclusive dates.

What is (are) the country (countries) of destination for this academic endeavor?

What other country (countries) do you plan on visiting immediately before, during, or after your study abroad program?

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