Nonimmigrant Services

As an international student in the US, you are in the US to study for a degree. Your nonimmigrant status is a big deal and keeping in Active status is important for you to remain in the US legally and to get benefits such as working and driving.

UNA has four DSOs and many other staff members who are employed to help students. Get to know them! Speak to your DSO or ARO about topics like these:


Applying for an Alabama Driver’s License

students working in US

On-campus employment, CPT and OPT

paying US Income taxes

Paying US Income Taxes


A US Social Security Number


Changing your major, degree or Program of Study


Traveling outside the United States

Learn more directly the US government. Visit Study in the States!

Study in the States

Whether you have F-1 or J-1 status, your first responsibility is to be a student in good standing and to maintain your status. Enroll each semester. Take the correct number of credit hours. Attend and pass classes each semester. Know and obey the rules for employment.

Sarah Stevens

Sarah Stevens, DSO, ARO
SEVIS Coordinator

Cala Flippo

Cala Flippo, DSO, ARO
Student Success Coordinator